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Welcome, Radical Readers!

Run your reading group with lightweight, dynamic interaction on Coda!
Copy the template, clear the sample data, rename it and adapt it to your needs.
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Clear sample data
This template uses the OpenLibrary pack to do book lookup.
What’s a round?
It’s simple: a round is a cycle of reading based on the following steps:
propose and vote on books for an upcoming round (optionally using genres)
discuss the book via a dedicated page while you’re reading
update individual reading progress during the round
come together to discuss the book
Who does what?
One person in the group takes on a coordinating role which here we’re calling the Round Robin (because it can be a rotation among the readers). The robin
guides the decision on the next book
selects it, sets round dates and sends out an announcement
generates a new page for the book, based on the ; these will appear in
optionally takes notes during the discussion
... before handing over to the next robin, or starting over. The Robin’s page is and it has more instructions.
Readers can vote on books using and indicate their progress using the simple tracker
How does it work?
Have a look at the tables in
to see the source of truth for how this template works.
Why Radical?
Because you R!

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