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Luke Nitmann First Project

Jason Walls First Project

Migrate to Prisma and Planet Scale
Phase 1: Migrate from Mongoose to Prisma
- Replace the Mongoose Schemas with Semantic Prisma Schema that matches the relationships needed without our data model
- Map Mongoose Schema files to Prisma Schema files and delete Mongoose as a dependency
- Get Prisma working with MongoDB
- Remove all Mongoose related function & method calls from all Queries and Mutations
- Switch with semantic Prisma function & method calls
- Switch seed data from Mongoose to Prisma
- /lib/mongo/seeding.ts
- Rewrite util functions to work with semantic Prisma functions and methods
- Write seed scripts in semantic Prisma
Phase 2: Migrate from MongoDB to Postgres (Planet Scale)
- Update Prisma connections and schema mappings to SQL into a Mongo.
- Update the docker and docker-compose file to run Postgres locally and connect/read+write for local dev
- Write relational Prisma schema
- Test locally
- Begin migration to Planet Scale
- Be able to run seed scripts both semantic Prisma & our custom seeding.ts file
- Understand and have a schema pipeline setup for future dev contributions and PR changes to schema
- Integrate with Github if necessary
- Plan out a developer flow for
- Seeding data
- Clearing local DB
- Starting Docker instance
- Changing / Modifying schema
- Committing changes to Planet Scale
- Approving changing in Planet Scale
- Promoting changes to higher Planet Scale environment

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