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Luke Nitmann First Project

Luke Nittmann First Project

Scope - First Project

Implement Initial Front-End for Photo Studio

Sign NDA
Glossi Form Mutual NDA - Template.pdf

(US Contractors)

Send Questions for Scope Refinement
Project pricing finalization ($50 an hour)
Contract (dually signed)

Onboarding Tuesday March. 29
Fill out a W9 prior to receiving payment
Passport or Birth Certificate / License

Role: Part-time employee, 30+ hour / limit a week

Description: A test that goes over all skillsets necessary to succeed here at Glossi, balancing interactions between web, unreal, front-end and backend.

Goal: Implement 'pixel-perfect' photo studio UI based on Figma designs.

This would cover:
- Attention to detail with matching wireframes to a mockups as closely as possible
- Working independently with little to no direction
- Your ability to improvise where needed when a design/requirement doesn't include all cases
- Write CSS that works in multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

Interface with Unreal Team (Noah and Trevor), Head of Dev (Thomas), and Chief of Product (Jake).
Collaborate with Will on editor designs and component structure.
Share ideas on approach and best practices to inform team and process (ie. something you see that can be simpler or better? - let us know!)

Phase 1: (2 Weeks)
Build 'Glossi Studio' Interface based on Figma prototypes, covering photo studio and string of shots
Dropdown components: Backdrop, Variant Select, Style (Color Picker)
Dropdown Reference (from Pitch App):
CleanShot 2022-03-28 at 12.04.34.gif
CleanShot 2022-03-28 at 12.03.34.mp4
8 MB
Detail view: Bookmark Functionality, Camera Roll, Batch Export
This will require close work with Will (Head of Design) as there will be frequent iterations and changes

Phase 2: (1 Week)
Connecting Glossi Web App to Unreal Instance with Meta Editor
Re-theme MUI components (Material Design UI) to match our design system - Vanilla CSS
Import Meta Editor React component and ensure that the component can connect to EC2 pixel streaming instance
Implement that all Studio functionality use cases (See Figma)

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