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This tool, Opportunity DSS (Decision Support System), provides data structures & respective calculations for comparing & evaluating opportunities.
I created this tool to support my own job search journey, and I'm happy to share its value with others! This -based tool aims to help you manage applications, engagements, and effectively compare various paid opportunities. Navigating the job market can be overwhelming, especially when considering different states, pay intervals, commitment types, and other factors. To address this, I've developed a framework that combines customizable tables, parameters, external data, and calculations to assist in evaluating diverse opportunities. I hope you find this tool helpful in bringing clarity and confidence to your job search, ultimately guiding you towards the perfect opportunity that aligns with your career aspirations and personal goals! Good luck with your search and please see the overview of this tool’s different pages below:
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modify designs or calculations to your liking!

The “database” and view to manage your opportunities.

The “database” and view to manage respective companies.

Embedded AI and external data solution to consuming news about companies.

The “list” and view of US locations under consideration

The “database” of location based factors necessary for opportunity fiscal evaluation.
Current Tool Limitations
Automated location-based calculations are limited to US locations
Locations-based tax calculation granularity is to the US state level
Evaluating short term opportunities like internships
Updating the state data is manual
There’s probably more... comment for the common good or download and fix away for yourself!
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