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Who We Are

At LinkPool, we believe smart contracts will change how the world creates and settles agreements, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this global change since 2017. As the first third-party team creating ecosystem products specifically for the Chainlink network, we’re in a unique position to drive forward its usability and use-cases, and we are looking for a Director of Marketing to join our growing team.
LinkPool is a globally distributed team, and all roles are fully remote.

The Role

As the Director of Marketing at LinkPool, you’ll be joining our experienced and driven team to have a core role in leading the Marketing team. You’ll be coming onboard as the first dedicated marketing role, building a predictable, repeatable marketing engine focused on the Go-To-Market strategy for multiple staking products from the industry’s leading Chainlink Node Service Provider.

Key Objectives

Define and implement GTM strategy for LinkPool’s core crypto products
Cultivate and promote LinkPool’s Brand through community engagement with consumers, developers, and key partners
Define and execute Thought Leadership Strategy, positioning LinkPool as the industry-leading contributor in the Chainlink ecosystem

Key Responsibilities

Channel Management
Define and implement the strategy for social channel presence (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, LinkedIn, etc.)
Define and execute website strategy for content, positioning, and SEO
Conference Leadership
Establish conference goals as it relates to user acquisition, partnership opportunities, brand recognition, and recruiting
Define and implement LinkPool’s annual conference calendar, acting as LinkPool’s brand ambassador
Relationship Management
Identify, qualify, and develop opportunities for technical collaboration between LinkPool and other projects
Lead, support, represent, and guide LinkPool Token Holders
Provide DevRel leadership and representation
Team Leadership
Define and implement a three-year strategy for marketing organization objectives
Provide mentorship and HCM responsibilities for 1-3 direct reports
Provide cross-functional collaboration between marketing, bizdev, and engineering


Minimum 7 years of working experience in marketing, product, or business development roles in high-growth technology companies or professional services firms with a proven track record of delivering results
Experience overseeing a budget, team, and driving accountable growth through marketing programs
Strong focus on ROI and efficiency of campaigns, with experience developing and optimizing against clear KPIs
Thorough understanding of the blockchain space, including an intimate understanding of historic and current blockchain marketing strategies, a clear understanding of community culture and the role communities play in blockchain marketing and tokenomics
Proven ability to work independently as well as with globally distributed teams
Strong verbal and written communication skills with demonstrated technical leadership
Ability to work in a rapid and iterative development environment

Ideal Candidates

3+ years of product leadership experience
7+ years of experience in marketing leadership for tech-based web2 product(s)
3+ years experience marketing web3 product(s), including at least one token asset

Culture and Benefits

Competitive compensation offered in Fiat and/or Tokens
Remote first working environment
Flexible working hours and vacation policy
Work on a rapidly growing team with opportunities for advancement and the ability to plan for a long-term role
The products and services you help build will have significant visibility across multiple blockchain networks
Work closely with other industry-leading teams on high-impact projects


Eric Jaurena (
). Director of Innovation. Handled BD and business comms, set up community and early marketing.

Company & product

Node as a service: Chainlink node abstraction product. Developers that want to build something that leverages Chainlink, to bring external data into smart contract, can easily launch a Chainlink node and get started.
Aimed at developers. In short term, some data providers using NaaS. Will start to serve other groups in future (which groups). In future will be able to select from other infrastructure providers.
Want to decentralise the network. Making the infrastructure available to a wider group of people, to get more use cases.
What is Road map for NaaS dev? Making all external adaptors available that are already built. All chainlink nodes, all use a common set of external adaptors in a public repo, see the list of data providers. Support for not just Ethereum network, but other testnets.
is to deploy a chainlink node, blockchain nodes in future, external adaptors
is to list those, to find the things you built in
CHAINLINK: Network, where data providers (oracles) incentivised to provide reliable data. Oracles are two-way data transfers between smart contracts and the real world. It allows data from off-chain to on-chain sources. Access real world info outside the blockchain. It solves the problem of getting off-chain data into the blockchain for smart contracts to read. It technically replaces a lot of middlemen.
Data gets on the Chainlink network through data operators (who operate by financial incentive and locked-up funds).
Linkpool is one of the largest developers on the Chainlink network. Since 2017. Staking pools and marketplace, managed nodes, data providers.

Smart contracts are arguably the most interesting development in the crypto space since Bitcoin. I do think that there is another parallel for me here: in the early days of Bitcoin, people asked “What’s the use case? What’s the use case?” and we were a lot of smart people trying to answer that rather valid question. We dreamed up all manner of use cases for Bitcoin, but thankfully we decided to focus on just that: Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the use case. People want it, so let’s make it easy for them to get it, to store it, to send it, to integrate it and so on.
I feel the same way with smart contracts. If you add value in any aspects of what it takes to deploy a smart contract, you’re doing great! If you’re the company or network that makes it easier for other people to figure out this tech, great! Of course you’d like to focus on the more lucrative segments, or those that have the chance of generating press and virality, but that’s for the market of developers and consumers to figure out.
🙋‍♂️ What’s the roadmap?
🙋‍♂️ What are the biggest obstacles that you need this Marketing role to fill? Who has been doing most of this up to now?
🙋‍♂️ I’d like to ask a bit about the distributed team. Many companies say that they’re “remote” (or the preferred word “distributed”) but in practice they run a nine-to-five on Eastern or Western time, with people on calls and meetings througout that time. Can you talk a bit about the team members, where they are located, how much you get done asynchronously? I know the benefits of distributed teams (and will never consider anything else), but what have you found to be some of the pain points and ways that you’re dealing with it?
🙋‍♂️ I know about the grant and obviously, you’re clearly two separate entities, but what is the ongoing relationship and history between Chainlink and LinkPool?
🙋‍♂️ From the data providers that you’ve targeted (or maybe the ones that found you), like weather, market data, sports results and so on, is there a stronger use case to pursue (or perhaps a more profitable industry, than others)? To me the biggest use cases of reliable data feeds are DeFi, betting, predictions.
🙋‍♂️ The way that most tech companies grow (and LinkPool is no exception from where I’m sitting), you’ll need a fixed increase of support to grow in line with the increase in usage. Say, for every x amount of projects, you’ll need y amount of support, so if x doubles by a certain date, so should y.
🙋‍♂️ How do you incentivise developers (or data providers) to use LinkPool?
🙋‍♂️ Can you talk a little about the LinkPool token and the benefit of launching and owning it?
🙋‍♂️ Can you talk a little about the legal structure? The entity is registered in Canada, but your Terms says that Terms shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales.

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