Apartment Hunting Tracker

Apartment Hunting Tracker for an Organized Housing Search

Keep track of all of the different moving parts involved in the housing search process--this document helps you stay organized and make decisions during this stressful time. Good luck and happy hunting! 馃コ
馃憢 Hi there!
Apartment hunting (or more broadly, any type of housing search) is often an incredibly draining process from start to finish. It requires a lot of time spent doing research, contacting agents/buildings, traveling to viewings, and ultimately, making an important decision. As such, this doc exists to help streamline the process for you! Whether you are in the search by yourself, or a group of housemates searching together, you can use the doc to keep track of all necessary parts of the housing search from start to finish (and hopefully reduce some stress during the process as well!).
馃憠 How to use
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First off, create a copy of this doc by clicking on the button above! Note that all housemates will need to create a free Coda account in order to use this document.
And now, a breakdown on all the pages contained in this doc, and how they can be useful for your housing search:
Starting off on , clear out the sample data! Then, put down the roster of all housemates (if you are a group, make sure the document is shared with everyone in order to have all housemates included in the drop-down) and budgets into the Budgets table. Additionally, features of interest should be put into the Features table, where everyone can then mark their personal preferences of which features they deem necessary or preferred.
Then, clear out the sample data in and begin to add any buildings of interest!
In , you can track what stages you are at with each unit of interest like a Kanban board.
In , you can keep track of appointments that you鈥檝e made.
In , each housemate can review information on each apartment and give their own score.
If you鈥檙e looking for a slightly more formulaic way to help you score, in you can rate the importance of features and get a personal feature-weighted score for each unit.
In , you can see how apartments rank against one another, based on the average given score amongst all housemates.
In , you can get a direct and objective side-by-side comparison of two apartments.
馃挱 Final thoughts and notes
While this doc can certainly help a lot with the decision process, ultimately, making a decision isn鈥檛 100% formulaic and this doc is best used as a supplement to additional thought and discussion. Furthermore, the housing search process can vary a lot person to person, so I highly recommended that you make changes to these tables and pages so that they are the most helpful for you. Best of luck with your housing search!
Also, please note that much of this sample data is fabricated! All units/buildings included indeed exist and have correct addresses and websites. However, much of other data (prices, features, anything written in the notes, etc.) was randomly inputted to show how this doc works, and may not accurately reflect the corresponding unit. Additionally, scores were generated at random and do not accurately reflect my opinions of any unit.

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