A/V Resources: Equipment

*NOTE: This section is designed for couples who have
hired Wedfuly as on-site support, since our on-site support services include all required equipment. If you have confirmed on-site support through Wedfuly, feel free to skip this part!

The tech and audio/visual (A/V) aspect of live streaming a wedding can be overwhelming at first, but rest assured that we’re here to guide you through this! Wedfuly has a dedicated A/V team that will help design an ideal setup for your specific wedding.

Your tech and A/V layout will be influenced by your venue space. As prompted in your Phase 1 workbook, please upload one or more photos of your venue/s to your Google Drive folder (accessible via your Wedfuly Dashboard) so they can be reviewed. These can be photos you snap (if you have access to the space) or general photos you find online.

What A/V Equipment is Required?
As the name suggests, there are two main types of A/V equipment required for your wedding live stream: audio and visual/video.

Your video equipment allows your guests to
see the wedding
, and allows you to
see your guests

Cameras - available in the Gold Rentals package

We typically like to have two or more cameras delivering different angles of your wedding. Any device that is able to connect to Zoom can be used as a camera for your wedding, but we highly recommend using smartphones for your cameras—iPhone, Android, Pixel, or any phone that is relatively new (2018 and newer) will be best. You’ll want to use the back camera (i.e. not the selfie cam) for the best quality.

While tablets may seem like a good option, their camera quality is typically not the best, especially if you’re getting married outside. If you want to use a tablet, we recommend not using it as the “main” ceremony camera and more as a secondary view. Laptop or computer cameras—especially if you’re outside, are not great options as they generally do a bad job with light metering.

External webcams or GoPro cameras can be used, and the video quality can be nice; however,
we only recommend going this route if you have a full understanding of how your GoPro or external camera hooks in with Zoom. Do some research to make sure it’s something you can handle.

Tripods - included in your Silver Rentals package
You’ll need a tripod for holding each device steady. Two high quality tripods are included in the Silver Rentals package.

Battery Packs - included in your Silver Rentals package
We want to avoid any devices dying mid-wedding. You’ll use external battery packs to make sure the phones have extra juice if needed.

Monitor or Projector - optional
This allows you to see your guests! Generally you’ll only be looking at the screen during your reception time (i.e. during the group dance, toasts, etc). We recommend using a laptop plugged into a monitor or TV (via an HDMI cable). A small projector will also work if you’re indoors.

The Bottom Line
Wedfuly recommends the following equipment for a basic video setup:
2+ smartphones
2+ tripods
2+ battery packs with charging cables
(Optional) Laptop or TV for seeing your guests

Your audio equipment allows your guests to
hear the wedding
(via a microphone/input), and allows you to
hear your guests
(via a speaker/output).

If you’ve hired a DJ or are getting married in a church with a built-in sound system, Wedfuly will make sure that all music and audio is fed directly into Zoom. Most professional DJs and churches will have a full audio, speaker and mic setup. If you have hired a DJ or have a church contact, make sure you have provided their contact info in your workbook. The Wedfuly A/V team will reach out to them directly!

If you haven’t hired a DJ and/or your venue does not have a sound system, we highly recommend combining your input and output into one system by using an all-in-one Bluetooth device that provides both a speaker and a microphone—it’s magic, we swear. You’ll want to strategically place your Magic Speaker between you, your partner and the officiant (if on-site). Another audio option that can work is an external USB microphone plugged into your computer as the input, with a Bluetooth speaker as the output.

The Bottom Line
Wedfuly will work with your venue and any existing vendors (like your DJ) to seamlessly integrate into existing audio plans and ensure we deliver the correct audio device for your wedding. If your wedding doesn’t already include professional audio system, we will include a “Magic Speaker” bluetooth device
with your Silver Rentals package.

Acquiring Your Equipment: Rent, Buy, DIY—or Just Hire Help
No matter where you are in the country, we are able to ship rental equipment directly to you. Wedfuly offers two rental package options for you to choose from, or you may purchase or otherwise provide your own equipment.

Wedfuly Rental Packages

Silver Rental Package (included in every Wedfuly wedding)
This package is perfect for a couple who wants to use their own cell phones as video devices, and just needs tripods/accessories and an audio device.
2 lightning to USB Cables + 1 Apple USB charging block
2 charging packs
2 tripods
2 phone adapters
Appropriate audio device/s for your wedding,
one of the options listed below
eMeet “Magic Speaker” + charging cable
Scarlett Focusrite with cables
Yeti, JBL Speaker, or Bluetooth Mini Mic with appropriate cables

Gold Rental Package ($600)
This package includes all video and audio equipment required for three angles – so the couple does not need to use their own cell phones.
3 iPhones
3 lightning to USB cables + 1 Apple USB charging block
3 charging packs
3 tripods
3 phone adapters
Appropriate audio device/s for your wedding,
one of the options listed below
eMeet “Magic Speaker” + charging cable
Scarlett Focusrite with cables
Yeti, JBL Speaker, or Bluetooth Mini Mic with appropriate cables

As a reminder, Wedfuly does offer on-site support in select locations. This service also includes the Gold Rentals package. If we aren’t able to support your area, but you would still like to hire an external party for on-site support and equipment, we recommend looking up “Wedding Entertainment & Production Companies'' or “Wedding DJs'' in your area.

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