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Job Title: Sales Consultant for Sales Division Development

Company: WebLife Stores LLC.

Job Overview:

We are an online ecommerce company based in California, specializing in commercial mailboxes. Our flagship website is . Our company has grown through paid marketing, organic SEO, and repeat customers. Currently, we have a Commercial Account Management (CAM) team of (4) that handles incoming leads from paid marketing, repeat customers, and bulk quote requests. This team also follows up to ensure customer satisfaction and encourages repeat business.
As our business evolves, we are expanding our sales division to include two new teams: a Sales Development Representative (SDR) team and a Business Development Representative (BDR) team. We are seeking an experienced sales consultant to guide our Sales Director in building and optimizing these teams, creating effective processes, and ensuring that our efforts result in increased revenue and profitability.


Evaluate Current Sales Processes:
Analyze existing CAM team processes and effectiveness.
Identify areas for improvement and potential growth opportunities.
SDR Team Development:
Guide the Sales Director in designing the SDR team's structure and processes.
Currently have an SDR Manager & (4) SDR team members.
Develop strategies for re-engaging customers who have fallen outside their typical repurchasing behavior.
Collaborate with the email marketing team to create effective outreach campaigns.
Provide strategic advice on training SDRs for outbound calls and customer engagement.
Assist in setting performance metrics and KPIs for the SDR team.
BDR Team Development:
Guide the Sales Director in designing the BDR team's structure and processes.
Identify and recommend third-party bidding tools to find new business opportunities.
Develop strategies for cold calling and email campaigns targeting new customers, primarily contractors, builders, and developers.
Advise on training BDRs for quote building and lead qualification.
Assist in setting performance metrics and KPIs for the BDR team.
Pilot the transition of an internal CAM team member to the BDR team and assess the effectiveness.
Overall Sales Strategy:
Develop a comprehensive sales strategy that integrates CAM, SDR, and BDR teams.
Ensure seamless handoff processes between teams to maximize customer satisfaction and sales conversion.
Monitor and report on sales performance, providing actionable insights and recommendations.
Advise on the best practices for nurturing campaigns and cold outreach.
Training and Development:
Provide strategic advice and guidance for ongoing training and development for sales teams.
Assist in creating documentation and resources to support the sales processes.
Foster a culture of continuous improvement and learning within the sales division.

Key Collaborations:

Meetings with Stakeholders:
Regular meetings with the Sales Director, CEO/CMO, and other key stakeholders.
Collaboration with the SDR Manager to align on hiring, onboarding, and training SDR representatives.
Coordination with the CRM developer to customize the CRM for effective processes and automations.


Proven experience in guiding and consulting sales teams and processes.
Strong understanding of both inbound and outbound sales strategies.
Experience with sales CRM systems and third-party bidding tools.
Excellent leadership, training, and coaching skills.
Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
Ability to develop and implement effective sales strategies.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Desired Outcomes:

A fully operational and efficient SDR team that successfully re-engages lapsed customers.
A fully operational and efficient BDR team that identifies and wins new business opportunities.
Improved sales processes and handoff procedures between CAM, SDR, and BDR teams.
Increased revenue and profitability from enhanced sales efforts.
A comprehensive sales strategy that supports the company’s growth and profitability goals.

Project Duration:

Initial contract of 3-6 months with the potential for extension based on performance and business needs.

Application Requirements:

Relevant experience and success stories.
References from previous clients.
A detailed proposal outlining your approach to this project. (Please provide via Loom)

How to Apply:

Please submit your resume, cover letter, and a recoded loom video (or equivalent) proposal detailing your approach to guiding and consulting on the development and optimization of sales teams for an ecommerce company. Highlight your relevant experience and success stories. Include references from previous clients if available.

If you have any issues please message in Upwork.

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