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What is Waha?
Waha is a group-centric mobile app that enables anyone to facilitate a Discovery Bible Study or disciple making training without any preparation.
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What is the Waha Disciple Making Course?
The Waha Disciple Making Course is an interactive training that empowers normal people with normal jobs to make disciples that multiply.
The 4-part course can be done in one of two ways:
2, two-hour sessions
1, four-hour event
Anyone can host this free disciple making training - no preparation required. Here is how to get started:
Watch: Gather your friends around your phone, computer, or TV and press play. You could also watch the videos together on Zoom by having someone share their screen.
Discuss: The course is interactive with prompts for group discussions and exercises.
Implement: The course provides clear next steps and resources to implement what you learn.
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What are the core features of Waha?
▶️ Easy to Use: Anyone familiar with a music app like Apple Music or Spotify can easily start facilitating their first meeting in Waha. This means group facilitators don’t need to feel like professional ministers or skilled evangelists to lead a Discovery Bible Study.
🎉 Made for Groups: Just gather some friends or family and tap play. Customize your group and track progress across multiple groups.
🚀 Mobilize Believers to Make Disciples that Multiply: After unlocking the Mobilization Tools content, believers can form a Disciple Making Community where they can learn and practice disciple making together.
📚 Curated Content: Groups are led through curated Discovery Bible Studies which cover essentials like “Creation to Christ” and “Making a Decision about Jesus.”
🔒 Security Focused: Data is always end-to-end encrypted. Audited by a cyber security consultant certified in CISSP, CISM, CEH, ISO 27001LI. The app also comes with a “Security Mode” which hides Waha’s content behind a placeholder piano app, keeping it safe from prying eyes for those in security-conscious areas.
💯All-in-One: Instead of needing to fumble with their Bible, the story set list, and DBS questions while they facilitate a DBS, the Waha app has all of these in one streamlined interface for the facilitator and everyone else in the group.

What is the mission of Waha?
1️⃣ Mobilize the Believer
Vision cast, train, and mobilize normal people with normal jobs to make disciples: Anyone with an internet-capable device can host and facilitate the Waha Disciple Making Course.
Implement as a community: After watching the course, form a Disciple Making Community where your group can meet regularly to see what the Bible says about making disciples and then encourage one another to not only be hearers but doers of the Word.
Coach and Multiply: Your Disciple Making Community is encouraged to disciple the lost through forming new Discovery Groups and to mobilize the saved by training other believers through the Waha Disciple Making Course (and subsequently forming more Disciple Making Communities).
2️⃣ Disciple the Lost
Anyone with a smartphone can gather a group of their friends or family to start discovering God through the Bible and learning how to be a disciple of Jesus.
What makes Waha different from other DBS apps like the Discover App or The DMM Platform?
First, we want to say we love the people behind these other apps. We think what they are doing is important and different contexts need different solutions.
No other DBS app also has an integrated, multi-lingual DMM training system in it. With the Mobilization Tools unlocked, believers can facilitate a DMM training by simply gathering a group of like-minded friends around your phone, computer, or TV and pressing play. The course will prompt you to pause for discussion.
Waha’s story sets have been curated based on the scripture lists that several stage 6+ church planting movements have used. This means the over 100 foundational story set lessons and hundreds of topical lessons are field-tested and not based on just theory or speculation.
Waha includes every aspect of a Discovery Bible Study as a part of the lesson - not just the inductive bible study section. This means a lesson with Waha also includes fellowship and accountability questions.
Waha is audio-first. This means oral cultures can feel comfortable discovering God’s Word together.
Waha is a native iOS and Android app and not a Progressive Web App (PWA). This means Waha avoids slow loading times, battery drain, and allows for native app features.
Is Waha a Bible App?
The full Bible is not on Waha nor is Waha a Bible app. Waha enables anyone to easily facilitate a Discovery Bible Study or disciple-making training.
What makes the Waha Disciple Making Course different from other disciple making trainings?
The Waha Disciple Making Course is the only interactive, case-study driven course that both trains you on how to make disciples and equips you with a mobile app, Waha, to help you implement what you’ve learned.
After going through the course, there is a clear follow-up structure where trainees commit together to form as a Disciple Making Community (DMC). DMCs receive ongoing training in how to implement what they learned in the course
Is the Waha Disciple Making Course an online course?
While the course is hosted online, it is meant to be done in-person in a group setting. If the group you are wanting to train cannot easily gather together, the Disciple Making Course has successfully been hosted on a video-conferencing tool like Zoom. You'll need to share your screen for all attendees to be able to see the video content.
Is Waha a social media website like Facebook?
No. Waha is a tool to help you facilitate a Discovery Bible Study or disciple making training with your friends. This is best done in-person but you could use Waha by sharing your screen over a video-conferencing tool like Zoom.
Can I use Waha or do the Disciple Making Course by myself?
Disciple making was always meant to be done in community (Mark 6:7, Luke 10:1, Matthew 10:5). Every lesson in Waha was designed with groups in mind and is heavily discussion based.

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