Interface changes

Client now is considered to be project

In the "List of Tasks" feature you select from a list a user with user type that equals to "Client" before getting into the "List of Tasks" feature. After you select a certain "Client" user, you can create tasks that can have different assignees.

For instance, let's imagine you have a QBO customer "Amazon" and in you have an "Amazon Bubble" "Client" user. Now, if we sign in as an "Admin" user into Profit Matters app and go to "Client - Tasks"("List of Tasks" feature) and select "Amazon Bubble" you would be able to create tasks related to "Amazon Bubble" and assign them to this "Amazon Bubble" customer, or any Profit Matters "Team Member" user or to the whole PM team ("Assignee" = "To all"). That's due to the fact that we consider Customer in to be a project. In Profit Matters app we separate "Client"(project) and "Client" user type.

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