Dashboard overview pivot

Dashboard feature pivot

Dashboard feature should have 2 parts: “Score Card” & “Dashboard”. Also need to add new tab to Admin settings called “Target settings”. Dashboard is still a feature that you can access ONLY AFTER selecting certain company (like you do with List of Tasks).

Score card
Background: score card is a table with 3 columns
Metric (retrieved from Quickbooks reports: ProfitAndLoss, BalanceSheet, CashFlow. Can also be values entered manually. Need to have 21 metrics ==> 21 rows in Score card table).
Result ($, % or ratio within specific selected period(month/quarter/year)).
Target ($, % or ratio entered manually by Admin in settings).
Result indicator (green if Result IS BETTER(not “<” or “>”) than Target, red if Result IN NOT BETTER than Target. BETTER is calculated based on accounting rules. BETTER is not always “bigger”. For example, Result CANNOT be BETTER than Target if Result has bigger Losses %).

Aim to explore Score Card, need to select certain period. By default there should be selected last month (for example the Results only for September if today is October).
Available periods:
certain Month
certain Quarter
certain Year
Example for reference software:

Reference design:
scorring card.png

You can find what 21 metrics do we need and what report from QBO correspond to them in the GSheet

17 Charts (6 Gauge, 5 Line, 3 Bar, 3 Pie) + timeline filters. Data source for each chart ARE NOT quickbooks reports, but formulas, calculated based on Score Card.
Let’s decide whether to have 17 separate charts per metric or 4 charts(based on type) in the process of development. I think it’s better to have 17 separate charts and show 2 metrics in each chart: result & target.
Let’s have a few simple filters:
This year (show by default on all charts)
Year To Date
This quarter
Data in charts should be grouped only by Month (no need to group by Day/Year)

Target settings
Target are static $, %, or ratios entered by Admin. We have only 3 targets by each metric: Month Target, Quarter Target, Year Target. We have targets for both Score Card & Dashboard. Therefore, if we have only 21 metrics in Score Card + 17 metrics in Dashboard, then we will have 114 targets in total. Let’s make that it’s mandatory to fill out jut “Month Target”. “Quarter” target will calculate as “Month Target” * 3, “Year Target” as “Month Target” * 12. So, we have 3 inputs per metric, but the last 2 are optional and auto-calculated based on “Month Target”, they can be cusomized if Admin need custom “Year Target” or custom “Quarter Target”. For special targets like % or ratios it seems that we need same values for each period. For example, if we have “ratio revenue/expenses” metric, than it should equal to “1”, for “Month Target”, and for “Quarter Target”, and for “Year Target”. If I am not wrong, for Dashboard we have only % or ratios, no $.
In “Target settings” we need to have an additional column for Admin that will indicate whether this target is BETTER when “lower” or “higher”. The column name will be “Goal” and values only “higher”/”lower”(red/green colors)

Design reference:
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