Template Builder Program

The template business is massive, with simple templates selling for $9 all the way up to $599 for extended licenses. Companies like TailwindUI have sold millions worth and unheard of companies have sold $100k’s on marketplaces like
However template building is hard, you have to juggle too much. Not only do you have to build world class templates you also need to support them and market them.

What if you could just build?

Imagine if all you needed to do was build the templates. No need to decide on frameworks, JavaScript libraries and tooling for customers to actually use the product.
What I envision is a way for you to just create the templates, a system will automatically generate files for your customers to use.

How will this program be better than doing it Solo?

After talking with some amazing template builders I noticed a lot of similar patterns. Undercharging, building extras that aren’t required and missing key features that would make it much easier to sell.
By using a framework you will be able to reduce the amount of time required to build and because the framework will be used by multiple template builders everyone will benefit from improvements.
By having a group of template builders you can share tips and tricks on building world class templates. Also the market is huge and it isn’t 0 sum. By helping each other out you will increase short term and long term revenue for your templates.

UI Kit + Blocks vs Templates

I believe that UI kits are better than templates for a sustainable template business. You can charge a lot more with the same support load. You can also then sell annual updates for a small yearly fee to earn recurring revenue.
WIP pricing is $149 for the UI kit and that gets you updates for 1 year. Can also buy a license for each developer/no-coder, maxed at 4 licences. Then charge annual fee of $49 for updates, but not required.

What frameworks?

The world is moving towards TailwindCSS with their new Just in Time (JIT) compiler you can build completely custom templates without custom CSS.
I’m currently working on a small Javascript library on top of TailwindCSS that will be opensource for navbars, tabs, modals and more. This is one huge problem with TailwindCSS for template builders as they usually have to custom code it in vanilla JS or Alpine. That then requires maintenance and comes with bugs and accessibility issues.
I will also make an opinionated list of the top opensource Javascript libraries such as lightboxes and carousels.

Versoly? Why?

No-code is a huge trend and website builders like Ghost and Webflow have marketplaces where the best templates are selling for $149+
By combining a no-code builder (Versoly) + Tailwind + UI kits, no-coders will be able to build faster than ever. This will in turn create a flywheel of more people coming into the no-code space, building and then sharing.
Why Versoly vs Ghost? Ghost requires custom code to edit the templates. It also doesn’t have a page builder so most use another website builder + Ghost for blog.
Why Versoly vs Webflow? Webflow has a huge learning curve and is based on a custom framework that doesn’t work with Tailwind. This is important because there are millions of developers who won’t use Webflow but will use Versoly as it has a code editor built into the platform.
I also plan on adding support for headless CMS’s, so in the near future it would be possible to hook up a headless CMS to a blog in under 5 minutes inside Versoly while being able to edit the pages without code.

What are the requirements?

Built and sold templates before (goal is to move fast)
World class templates
Focus on details (page speed, UX, design and conversions)

UI Kit requirements?

Minimum requirements:
Overview page at ‘/’
3 unique home pages /home-page-1, /home-page-2 (custom navbars, and the logo redirects → ‘/’ which is overview)
Features home /features
Features detail /features/seo
About /about (have team inside it)
2 Blog homes pagination buttons (required for SEO) /blog /blog/page/2
Blog post /blog/article-name
Blog Author /blog/author/name
Blog Tag /blog/tag/name
Blog Category /blog/category/name
Case Studies home
Case Studies details
Knowledge base home /help
Knowledge base parent category
Knowledge base article /help/article/name
Changelog home
Changelog detail
Careers Home (have a bunch of stuff before the jobs) /careers
Careers Job /careers/job/job-name
Integrations home
Integrations details
2 Contact us pages /contact-us
3 Pricing pages (1 price, 3 prices with 4/5 bullet points, 3 prices in table format) /pricing-1 /pricing-2
Downloads with icons of app stores etc
book a demo /book-a-demo
Coming soon page
Sign up, login and forgot password

How can I apply?


How much does it cost?

It is free, I make money by getting customers to Versoly.

How much time will it take to build everything?

40 hours depending on how fast you work.

Can I resell these templates for other platforms like WordPress?

Sure you have complete control of your templates. However most platforms are a race to the bottom. WP has UI kits for $19. So no matter how great your UI kit is it will always be hard to get what it is worth.

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