Business Proposal and Growth Points For Caracas Transportation Inc

Input data about the company:
Client name: Caracas Transportation Inc
Number of drivers: 77 (per )
Number of recruiters: 2
Divisions: Conestoga, RGN, Step Deck, Flatbed
Applicant Tracking System: Tenstreet
Current source of candidates: Leads are delivered by 7 agents per our conversation with Dulcia Lopez, Staffing and Recruiting Manager.
Business is growing, new trucks are coming so there’s a need for new company drivers;
No tools that would automatically reach out to, nurture and recycle candidates;
No widget that would allow to see the whole picture of recruiting efforts;
The task is to hire 10-15 new drivers a month.
Our Goals:
Secure additional 10-15 driver hires per month;
Automate outreach, engagement, re-engagement & re-activation of drivers so that recruiters can deal with driver interviews, background checks and hires;
Build advanced reporting and analytics for the Management Team to track and manage recruiting activities in real-time.
We tested Caracas Transportation’s online recruiting channel () and associated workflow, which initiated our improvement plan in terms of on-time connecting drivers with your recruiters along with streamlining the overall recruitment routine by means of our proprietary automation tools.
We highly recommend installing a Meta pixel on your website so that you could measure, optimize and retarget audiences for your ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
It’s great you’re currently running ads in Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and some other channels. Based on our 4-year experience Facebook is the best channel for hiring quality drivers, as 85% of US truck drivers are active FB users.
Nevertheless, advertising campaigns don’t work wonders on their own because:
your recruiters may waste hours trying to reach out to candidates;
a great number of candidates may get lost in the pipeline;
you should secure as many touchpoints with candidates as possible to hire a driver.
That’s why we suggest implementing our automation tools and launching Facebook ad campaigns in parallel with your current agency. Our solution streamlines the recruiting workflow, ensures efficient and effective outreach and engagement with drivers. Finally, it saves a lot of your recruiters’ time and hiring budget alike.
Solution and Growth Points For Caracas Transportation Inc
To begin with, we will connect your Tenstreet account with Facebook making sure that all candidates’ info lands directly into Tenstreet and you can access it immediately.
Group 132.png
Tool #1: Autocaller
Next we will minimize the number of unreachable and unresponsive candidates by means of Autocaller. This tool automatically connects your recruiters with candidates within 20-40 seconds after they submit a Short Application on Facebook.
Every minute counts when a driver is serious enough about changing jobs to submit applications – especially given that . The “Minutes Matter” chart by Tenstreet below demonstrates the likelihood of a driver hire based on how long it takes a recruiter to respond to that driver’s application.
How Autocaller works
As a result, about 50% of all applicants talk to recruiters and receive a link to a Full Application.

Tool#2: Transactional Emails/SMSes
Going forward, all applicants who Autocaller was unable to get through to will be followed up with automated transactional SMSes/emails containing a link to a full DOT application (several messages in the course of a month).
This expedites candidates processing so recruiters have enough time to communicate only with relevant candidates. As such, the conversion from Short to Full application increases by 30-35%.
Why our approach increases your recruiters’ efficiency:
Drivers can respond to automated emails and text messages (unlike those received from the majority of other agencies/trucking companies);
If a driver texts back with any questions, your recruiters can respond directly from their Mailbox due to a special connector that we install for our clients;
Our system is capable of identifying special keywords, so if a driver responds to an SMS and his/her message contains such keywords, the Autocaller instantly calls your recruiter and connects him or her with this driver. Here’s an example of such a message with keywords:
Thus, an interested driver immediately receives a call-back from your recruiter, which contributes to a higher Candidate-To-Hire conversion rate and reduces the number of unreachable/unresponsive drivers.

Tool#3: Drip SMS/Emails
Finally, all candidates who haven’t submitted Full Applications so far will receive automatic bulk emails and text messages. It is also beneficial to add those who had insufficient experience when they filled out applications, but currently those drivers should be a good fit for your company.
All this results in exciting performance: we generate over 50 inbound calls & 150 SMSes for our clients daily.
Why our approach proves efficient:
we provide a dedicated domain for bulk emailing and warm it up thoroughly in advance; therefore, our emails always fall into Inbox;
for bulk text messages we both include a full app link and exclude it, which allows having a very high Inbox rate. We identify each candidate’s phone carrier and customize our messages depending on the carrier’s requirements;
drivers can call back all the phone numbers they receive text messages from and we redirect those calls to your recruiters;
drivers can reply to SMSes and we forward these replies to your recruiters’ Mailboxes;
your recruiters can reply to leads’ messages right from their Mailbox and drivers will receive SMSes.
Tool#4: Voice Drip
Voice Drip is our killer feature that has just been released. It is instrumental in increasing the number of both inbound calls and full applications.
How it works:
VoiceDrip automatically call candidates with a special tag from your Tenstreet database;
Robotic voice utters your offer to drivers & suggests them either dial 1 to speak to a recruiter or input their zip code, so that they could get an SMS with your offer and Full Application link.
If some drivers don’t answer those calls, they automatically receive an SMS and email asking them to call back to your recruiters or respond with their zip codes to get available offers.
Voice Drip helps you nurture candidates, saves a good deal of your recruiters’ time and enhances your hiring activities.
Tool#5: Chat Bot
Facebook page ChatBot is an “always-on recruiter” that answers drivers’ questions after office hours. The ChatBot makes it easy for drivers to quickly (and securely) access driver information: pay, equipment pictures, hometime and many other job offer details.
It’s a great and cheap way of engaging with potential drivers and collecting their information, so that you could nurture those candidates and hire them further on.

Tool# 6: Dashboard with advanced analytics and reporting
Once we set up your infrastructure, you will have access to advanced analytics and reporting in the form of an interactive Dashboard that contains data from all your advertising channels.
You will be able to make actionable data-driven decisions and supervise the whole recruitment process. Besides, we will be working closely with you to address your business needs.
Our in-depth analytics consists of the following sections:
It’s your cockpit - only the most useful and important metrics needed to run the hiring department:
number of candidates;
cost of advertising - in your case it will be the costs of your recruiting agencies or/and your own marketing spend;
conversion rate from candidates to hires;
number of hires;
cost per hire;
division breakdown - in your case it’s flatbed, step deck, conestoga and RGN;
hire source;
days to hire - shows the average number of days it takes to hire a driver from his first touch with you.
Our clients save countless hours every week by not digging into data every time they need to know their cost per hire, cost per candidate, etc. It’s all at your fingertips, automatically updated daily, and ready to be shared with anyone within your team and beyond. It also can be viewed on mobile.
Note: since you are working with external agencies it won’t be possible to integrate their costs into this dashboard automatically. The best way is to put this data manually each day, week, or month. We can discuss this.
Screenshot 2022-09-12 at 19.23.31.png
2. Specific channel overview
This section will show the same metrics as the above one, but it will go a level deeper and display a specific channel/agency. Let’s say you want to know how Six Bits Media performs on its own.
Note: we will need to have access to your agency’s cost data. Even if it’s just a monthly retainer that includes advertising spending. We can discuss that.
2. fb.png
3. Retention
This section answers questions like what state brings the majority of drivers, what state brings drivers that don’t stay with the company long enough, or the opposite - what states provide drivers that stay longer.
This section displays:
List of all states broken down by the number of hires, turnover rate, average driver employment time;
Visual maps for each metric;
Conversion rate from candidates to hires in specific states.
Our clients find this information specifically useful when dealing with hundreds of monthly hires. This feature alone can save you up to 50% of your costs.
Note: since you are working with external agencies it won’t be possible to integrate their costs per state into this dashboard therefore we won’t see cost per state, unfortunately. Unless they are happy to share such data.
Screenshot 2022-09-12 at 19.37.35.png
4. Not qualified reason
This one shows the unqualified status breakdown with a timeline. It can navigate your marketing efforts so you know exactly when you are getting a lot of unqualified candidates and what those reasons are. Depending on how you track such statuses, we will be able to show other tailored reports.
Note: this section will be possible to deploy only if you track these statuses. Your statuses can be different from the ones below though.
Screenshot 2022-09-12 at 19.50.31.png
5. Not qualified reason - level deeper
If your recruiters put unqualified reason in Tenstreet, we will be able to combine those in a nice and tidy report like this so you know exactly what kind of people you are dealing with. And again, this should navigate your marketing efforts better.
Screenshot 2022-09-12 at 19.51.01.png
This particular dashboard with this set of widgets is just a starting point. It’s a default version with the basic information that every trucking company needs. However, we always can add more meat to it according to your needs - not limited to:
turnover by division
turnover by recruiter
turnover by dispatcher
number of active drivers vs last year
number of active trucks
And much more. We can visualize anything you want as long as we can get this data from you either manually or automatically via API. Simply put, we can “dashboardize” your whole business.
We can offer 3 packages depending on your business needs: Standard, Pro and Enterprise. Each of these packages solves various driver recruiting issues and brings tangible value to our clients.
Standard Package costs $2,500 per month, it includes:
3 automation tools: Autocaller, Transactional SMSes/Emails and Drip Campaigns;
design, launch and management of Facebook ad campaigns;
10 hours of consulting and support.
We will develop 5 unique static ad creatives that can be used on Facebook ads. Here’re some visuals we developed for our current clients:
photo1663687386 (1).jpeg
Additional fees you should consider:
one SMS Cost is ¢0.02;
Facebook ads are charged from your debit card for full control of those costs;
extra consulting is $50/hour.
Pro Package costs $4,000 per month, it includes:
3 automation tools: Autocaller, Transactional SMSes/Emails and Drip Campaigns;
design, launch and management of Facebook ad campaigns;
development of 10 unique Facebook ad creatives;
5 Video Testimonials. We will install a system to generate testimonials from your truck drivers. Drivers’ testimonials reinforce your advertising campaigns, attract new drivers, enhance your brand awareness and significantly cut down your Cost Per Lead.
Here are 3 driver testimonials that we generated for one of our clients and advertised on Facebook:
design, launch and management of Driver Pulse ad campaigns;
implementation of a Facebook ChatBot;
15 hours of consulting and support;
non-recurring 1st month bonus - 2,500 Voice Drip calls through your Tenstreet driver database.
Additional fees you should consider:
one SMS Cost is ¢0.02;
Facebook ads are charged from your debit card for full control of those costs;
extra consulting is $50/hour.
Enterprise Package costs $6,500 per month, it includes:
3 automation tools: Autocaller, Transactional SMSes/Emails and Drip Campaigns;
design, launch and management of Facebook ad campaigns;
design, launch and management of Driver Pulse ad campaigns;
development 15 unique ad creatives for Facebook;
collection and launch of 10 driver video testimonials;
implementation of a Facebook ChatBot;
10,000 Voice Drip calls through your Tenstreet driver database;
20 hours of consulting and support;
development of a Dashboard with advanced analytics and reporting.
Additional fees you should consider:
one SMS Cost is ¢0.02;
Facebook ads are charged from your debit card for full control of those costs;
extra consulting is $50/hour.
Our work is transparent and measurable: you will be able to track everything online
1. You’ll have access to a dashboard with all the metrics (example below):
You will get access to the number of incoming calls, outbound SMSes and Voice Drip calls, number of candidates, cost per candidate, ad designs, drip campaigns effectiveness, etc.
- You will need at least 1 full-time recruiter who will be committed to talking with candidates and won’t be involved in any other non-recruiting activities. Otherwise, recruitment automation won’t bring you fruitful results;
- Our services for the first month are paid upfront, and on a "pay-as-you-go" basis monthly thereafter.
We look forward to partnering with you,
Leadgamp Team

Contact Information:
BizDev Manager Vital Navinkin
Email Address

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