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Fractional Chief of Staff for Small Law Firms

I Help Small Law Firms Streamline Operations and Increase Profitability

What is a Chief of Staff?

The Chief of Staff is a strategic partner to the principal or owner, handling strategic planning, project management, and internal communication. They facilitate decision-making, support the principal’s priorities, and drive key initiatives to ensure alignment with the company's goals. Unlike a COO, a CoS often operates behind the scenes, focusing on strategic initiatives rather than daily operations.
The role of the Chief of Staff is to help the principal attorney, partners, and firm owners turn their vision into predictable, sustainable results. To do this, I use the principles espoused in the Baldrige Excellence Framework.

The Baldrige Excellence Framework

The Baldrige Excellence Framework is powerful tool for small law firms to enhance performance, increase client satisfaction, and achieve sustainable growth. Small law firms can significantly benefit from applying these criteria to their operations, despite their size.
The Baldrige framework addresses all key areas of a small business, including leadership, strategy, customers, measurement and analysis, workforce, operations, and results. For small law firms, this comprehensive approach can help:
Improve strategic planning and execution
Enhance client focus and satisfaction
Optimize resource allocation and efficiency
Develop a more engaged and productive workforce
Streamline operations and reduce costs
Measure and improve overall performance
The Baldrige framework and my provide the structure and guidance to transform your firm's vision into reality. Linking high-level goals to concrete actions and metrics will empower us to achieve excellence in all aspects of your practice.

What I Do

Strategic Planning Facilitation – Guide developing and implementing strategic plans to ensure business objectives are met.
Operational Streamlining – Analyze and optimize workflows and processes for improved efficiency and reduced costs.
Performance Metrics – Establish and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate success and areas for improvement.
Marketing Strategy – Develop and execute marketing plans that align with business goals to drive growth and client engagement.
Vendor Relations – Manage relationships with vendors and service providers to ensure quality and cost-effectiveness.
Executive Coaching – Provide personal coaching to top executives, enhancing leadership qualities and decision-making skills.
Project and Change Management – Lead organizational change initiatives, ensuring smooth transitions with minimal disruption.
Technology Integration – Advise on and implement technology solutions that enhance business operations and client interaction.
Financial Oversight – Monitor financial operations, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial planning.
HR Management – Assist in hiring, training, and developing staff and help manage human resources policies.

My Unique Qualifications


What Else You Receive

Subscription to Ninety.io – The Leading Cloud-Based Business Operating System – Scorecards, Projects, Meetings, and more
Access to the VisionaryMBA™ – more than 30 lessons on leadership, management, finance, and more
Book Summaries – Access to hundreds of text and audiobook summaries from Blinkist and ReadItForMe
The Predictive Index – Personalized, science-backed HR software for hiring, developing, and retaining top talent
Staff Development - Each quarter we will choose one topic for staff development (dealing with difficult clients, time management, problem solving, etc.).
Vetted Solutions - Access to vetted solution providers in finance, marketing, IT, and more

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