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Mixpanel <> Optiblack

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Growth Analyst Program

Ongoing Consulting & Development

Get a Mixpanel Trained Growth Specialist to get insights in your product

Ongoing Mixpanel consultation
Helping you drive insights from product
Creating required reports
Identify areas of maximum ROI
Optimise your marketing ROI
Affordable Monthly retainer

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Service Provider: Optiblack

Optiblack is Product Growth firm and leading Mixpanel Implementation Partner, who have done Mixpanel implementations for SaaS, eCom, Mobile Apps, Web Apps in short time and helped firms realise the ROI of their investments in products, tech and marketing.

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Scope of the work

Maintain Mixpanel and keep it updated with continuous product development
Monitor, optimize, and report on marketing and growth metrics and split-test results. Make recommendations based on analytics and test findings.
Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets to develop a thorough understanding of products, users, and acquisition channels.
Run exploratory analysis uncover new areas of opportunity, generate hypotheses, and quickly assess the potential upside of a given opportunity.
Help execute projects to drive insights that lead to customer, seller, and catalog growth.
Work closely with marketing, design, product, support, and engineering to anticipate analytics needs and to quantify the impact of existing features, future product changes, and marketing campaigns.
Work with data engineering to develop and implement new analytical tools and improve our underlying data infrastructure. Build tracking plans for new and existing products and work with engineering to ensure proper
Analyze, forecast, and build custom reports to make key performance indicators and insights available to the entire company.
Drive optimization and data minded culture inside the company.
Develop frameworks, models, tools, and processes to ensure that analytical insights can be incorporated into all key decision making.
Effectively present and communicate analysis to the company to drive business decisions.

Clients for Mixpanel


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