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The Klaviyo Pack for Coda for is the best way to manage your Klaviyo accounts.
Under Construction
The purpose of this Coda Doc is to demonstrate the capabilities of the Klaviyo Pack and serve as the ultimate starting point for managing your Klaviyo accounts with Coda.
While I plan to include a wealth of functionality and experiences in this Doc, it will not be exactly what your team needs. Using this Coda Doc as inspiration, your Doc Makers can develop experiences that make your team’s workflow in minutes.
Use Cases
There are so many use-cases for the Klaviyo Pack, I don’t know where to start. Check back in soon or poke around.
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You’re on your way to a better Klaviyo experience with just two requirements: An API Key and a Coda Doc.
1. Get Your Klaviyo API Key
New to Klaviyo? Get the ultimate marketing automation solution for email, sms, and customer reporting. If you’re an existing customer, you’ll need an API keys for your Klaviyo accounts.
Whether you are a new or an existing Klaviyo customer, once your have your API keys, return to this page and proceed to the next requirement.
2. Coda Doc
New to Coda? Say goodbye to those messy spreadsheets and word docs. You’ll need a Coda Account to create a Coda Doc.
You can copy this doc to give your team the ultimate head start or you can start fresh and build it yourself.
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