Create Events

The Klaviyo Events Pack offers a powerful Create Event action that can be easily triggered within Coda Automations or with a simple on-click.
The action allows you to construct custom events using the included formulas to enrich the event and make it more in Klaviyo Flows, including custom profile and event properties.
Use this page to explore of the various parts of the Create Event action and learn how to configure your first event.
Event Attributes
Event Time:
12/9/2022, 4:00 PM
Event Value:
Event Id:
Metric Properties
Metric Name:
Event Created
Metric Service:
Profile Properties
The ProfileProperties Formula helps construct the key-value pairs to update the customer profile properties along with the event. An $email or $phone_number is required.
“profile_properties”: {
Event Properties
The EventProperties Formula will construct the key-value pairs to update the
“properties”: {
Example Request
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