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program of growth


Cycle 65 outreach, Jackson Heights

The team in Jackson Heights will campaign from 10.31-11.21, in order to bring a group of 10+ youth into the Institute; below are the logs :

day 1: team of 3 engaged ~12 youth and 3 mothers of children.
team: vince, emily, yvette
met: peter, erick, ryan, Destiny, Freddy, Jhonny, Jathniel, bike kids
r: try to bring up quotes and themes next time, make/print flyers

day 2: team of 12 engaged ~9 youth
team: vince, emily, yvette, patrick, john, kam, kaz, kayley, julie, tiffany, daniel
met: maryann, joseline, Juliana, Nysa, Jesus, cash, amanda
r : accompaniment of the jy + youth
youth and jy demonstrated capacity for meaningful conversations
r : refining the sequence of concepts
used twofold moral purpose, jy empowerment, spiritual ed., sacred charge, mutual support + assistance
need a written sequence of ideas ( ! ) on paper or something : )
could test introducing forces in the community and book 1 unit themes.
r : size of group doesn’t always mean more conversations; if we are in a big group or a small group and were to meet a small group of youth, both groups can have only have the same amount of conversation. One thing could be to subdivide into small groups to have more conversations. another thing could be for a big group to mingle with other larger groups of youth, which are difficult for a small group to converse with. additional benefit → avoid big-to-small-group break-out “hype loss”, and maybe be perceived by new youth as something more easily identifiable as a movement. just something to maybe test out.

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