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1 year plan + cycle reflections/goals

Total core activities
Junior youth groups
Children’s classes
Study circles
8 (2 or 3 w/parents)
There are no rows in this table

Cycle 64: august-october
new devotional
study circle
kamala family devo
new jyg
new cc
parent book 1
jy activity devo
MD? Aria? John?
new book 1 with youth?
yessy family devo
book 1 devo (youth group)
children’s devo
parent group devo
Ms. Evelyn family devo
another children’s class family? sarah? sami?
alejandro and shanelle
There are no rows in this table
register as many youth as possible for institute camp
start a new jy group with either john or MD in September having them study a packet of info Vince will prepare
secure indoor space for activities

Cycle reflection meeting notes - 10/25
Total core activities
SC - 4 - book 5, book 3, book 1 Aria/Daniel/Bernard, Book 1 John
Misael book 5 has been going well ; his relationship with the Faith is the furthest along from our pool.
Book 3 - Dorri will reconnect with Shuchi and as part of the conversation ask about what she envisions as her path or service/if she’s still interested in serving. Serving while taking book 3 has helped tristen deepen understanding of the concepts in the book, will try to place the songs from the book going forward
Childrens classes - 2
Junior youth groups - 1
Devotionals - 8 - Book 5 devo, book 3 devo, DV family devo, EY family devo, Kamala family devo, jy devo,
team devo, children’s class devo

Coming cycle:
Tristen will start a bi-monthly devotional on 7 November
Vince will write to Yessy to set up dinner for next Monday or Tuesday
VInce will home visit Patrick
would be nice to have more regular space for prayer during the expansion phase
want to have more intensive expansion phase this time - with team trying to outreach regularly on a daily basis
dorri and vince to make youth flyer by end of this week
Devos: 15
sc: 5
cc: 2
Jy: 2
Expansion phase main goal: bring in a new cohort of youth

Cycle 65 reflection meeting - Notes and agenda
Study guidance (30 December or Book 2??)
Reflection on last cycle
What were our goals?
Current activities
Tristen’s devotional
neighborhood devo after activities
Kamala’s devo
team devotional
Yvette/Emily family devo
Book 5 devotional
Book 3 devotional
prayers at start of children’s class
vince and dorri family devo
sami family
10 devotionals
1 childrens class
1 junior youth
3 study circles (Book 5 with Misael and Book 3 Book 1 with youth)
1 youth group
Where did we end up? What were our challenges or obstacles towards achieving our goals?
what went well?
deepening of friendships, especially among the youth, increased trust among some jy and youth
increased devotional character
more direct sharing about the Person of AbdulBaha and Baha’u’llah
Gabi started co-hosting a devotional!!
Had a number of rich home visits
built/strengthened relationships with some parents / indicative of nature of true friendship
as a result of our expansion, there are 9 new people connected to our activities/participating directly
team is thinking more about how to nurture friendships with families
improved quality of study - note that having a space is critical to quality of study! for both youth and children’s class
we got an indoor venue thanks to the jy!
improved ability to help others become protagonists
john is now co-animating and planning jy group!
improved our ability to co-plan children’s classes
ability to be agile with preparation and supporting each other in the activities
kaylee’s relationship to the group has strengthened, and increase trust and developing relationship with jennifer
other things to strengthen: how can we learn to support youth with many pulls on their time and help them to learn what a coherent life means?
learning how to tap the deeper roots of motivation with youth from the outset
how to create friendships with each individual independent of the group
how to strengthen the sense of it being a group of friends and having multiple opportunities to come together with the youth (ie things that friends do together like going to boba)
How was our expansion phase? What would do the same of in the coming cycle and what can we strengthen?
repeat having youth and jy engaged in outreach/thinking about expansion
made a plan and stuck with it, were out overall in the field for many days for short period of time. identified small teams of friends to go out and have conversations
things to improve: conversation refreshers, and more time to reflect on expansion phase
Reflecting on our ability to have meaningful conversations (do we want to do this today or in a separate space framed with in-depth study of book 2?)
in expansion phase, more intentional about speaking about what the aims of the program were. became more explicit about the spiritual element of the program. spoke about two-fold moral purpose, and incorporated some quotes
using youth conference materials has facilitated useful conversations
working to incorporate prayer and conversations around prayer and devotion more with others
things about the challenges in our community helps us have meaningful convos
Coming cycle
What are our neighborhood goals and how can these reinforce the conferences?
new cohort of youth (5)
meet with and develop relationships with parents of existing youth
work back up to having two children’s classes
secure an institute house ASAP
start parent group back up
increase participants in existing junior youth group
Strengthen study of materials in jy and youth spaces
introduce prayer into youth and jy space
have youth participate in institute camp in Feb
have Andrea start co-teaching the children’s class
Plans for the cycle
how to celebrate Ayyamiha, Naw Ruz, Ridvan...
What are some plans we can make for expansion phase? What is our focus?
have common points that we want to share in our conversations that we want to learn and reflect on - to see if there are certain quotations or language that resonates more
possibility of doing outreach when school gets out around 215/230 (ppl taking lunch breaks)
try going to the park a bit
reach out to coach Alex about connecting us to more youth - could give him a flyer that invites youth to come on Saturdays (vince/dorri)
ask jy and youth to help us reach outreach
have convos with jy, cc and youth about how to expand participation, (meeting patrick’s new neighbors? having laura and lena take us around to other kids in their building, tenzin taking us around)
Monday - outreach at 5pm, meeting at 7pm, try doing outreach around 2pm
Tuesday- outreach at 5pm
Wednesday - oureach at 5pm
Thursday - outreach at 5pm
Dorri will reach out to Tashi about home visiting & can outreach 2 days
note for coming monday meeting at 7pm: reflect on activities, go over expansion phase plans, and conversation prep for outreach

where are things at with coach alex?
@vince paris
can we reconnect with him and seek his support to continue growing the program at this time
are there other networks or populations that we can tap into?
made effort to work with families with the parent group. this is something that we can try and revive and strengthen this cycle. how can we make a special effort to engage parents of jy and youth as well?
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