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7/25 - cycle 67 reflection team meeting
cycle 67: may - july
conference in Queens - participation of andrea, jocelyn and alicia attended conference - helpful for their own identity as participants
increased team relationship with the torres family
relationship with wider queens community, learning how to share what we’re learning with wider queens group, working to harmonize our efforts and remove us and them dichotomy
Farah visited the neighborhood - made apparent the need for homefront pioneers and made clear to her receptivity
Luz became integrated and became a second teacher this cycle - Tristen started accompanying her
deepening relationship with evelyn
quality of the junior youth group strengthened and became better even though we were in the park
service project at IS 230 -
clean up service project with zaheera and salma
very consistent with activities in spite of many absences among team members because: luz was present, more outside support, Daniel, more warm bodies, summer of service youth attended
some new families joined (Sari and Fitri)
Deeper relationship with Angie and other parents (Suzana, Lorena, Rocio
deepening relationship with Jasmine
still need to be more systematic about keeping track of contacts - more consciously diversified who on the team was contacting who
started reflecting a bit with luz and john after session - keep strengthening this in coming cycle
strong planning sessions with john
Planning/areas to strengthen for the coming cycle:
Main goals
strengthen institute process with youth (potential youth: jasmine, john, kayley, Kam, Salma, Jorel, Luz)
learn to work with group of families in the Van Dien building (5 families connected to them)
strengthening the relationship with the parents of cc (doing home visits and encourage/ask parents to practice the prayers at home/start family devotionals)
start Jasmine’s junior youth group
Expansion phase plans
outreach focused on the jy
invite jasmine and john, kayley to do outreach
home visiting the youth and inviting them to participate in the institute process
invite jocelyn and andrea to do outreach on Saturdays
Dates for outreach
Will say the following prayer each day during expansion for homefront pioneers (see chat)
Reflect with John and Luz after class
continue to diversify who contacts who
work with group of families in Van Dien building
work on devotional character of jy group
work on strengthening the institute study with the youth - maybe John, Kayley, Salma, Jorel, Jasmine, Luz - institute camp (13 and 14 August)
restart devotional with Misael
Emily to reach out to Pin in mid September
Potential people to draw on: Daniel, Meher, Nika
Plans for this week:
Emily to meet up with Jasmine during the week
emily msg patrik and kas
emily start home visiting famita and them and studying breezes with jocelyn and andrea
need to confirm a time with families for next week’s picnic (van deen’s, kayley, jasmine, sari’s family, andrea/jocelyn)
Emily to start with John
CC: girls, deepika, deepa, beverlin, tenzin and tensong
Tenzin and Tensong were only able to join for prayers since Tensong wasn’t very interested in the class. We should probably have a convo with Tensong’s mom about the nature and purpose of the class to encourage Tensong to join and have an appreciation for what the class is about. Tenzin wanted to be there, but Tensong was laughing the whole time and then wanted to leave so Tenzin couldn’t focus and then left with him.
the nature of the class is becoming more natural and easier to teach since the kids have an understanding of the pattern, was smooth with the others
Andrea helped with the prayer and the song
Beverlin is soaking up the content nicely - will be nice to have her join more frequently
Deepika helped with facilitating the games (since she was one of the older ones - since Jocelyn and Andrea joined jyg) and chalk drawing
Deepika, Deepa, and Berverlin all joined around 4
Violeta has asked for support with teaching Beverlin to read English - is there someone we can put her in touch with? Would Mirna know of resources?
JYG: Zahira, jocelyn and andrea joined
Zahira’s mom brought her and said that they had a friend’s gathering for Eid but Zahira really wanted to come to group and insisted on coming :)
We studied the 2nd lesson in Wellsprings - tried to connect the story to their lives (was there a moment when they felt sad and then they were reminded of something that brought them joy; they were all able to share)
Tristen encouraged Jocelyn and Andrea to join and they did really well following the lesson and also doing some of the exercises including creating sentences with some of the words from the story. Andrea had been struggling with her English at the start of children’s classes, but she felt more confident speaking in English during JYG, perhaps it was the feeling of friendship that Zahira created that made her more confident?
It will be nice to have Jocelyn and Andrea join the jyg more. How can we help them feel more connected to Tiffany, Dan, John, and Kayley more? Their friendship with Zahira was sweet.
Tenzin’s friend is Tensong (mom is Kesha) - got to speak with Tashi (Tashi’s mom is Karma)

helpful to meet with Luz at 2:45
make a copy of the children’s class prayer and give it to Suzana/ask if she can share this prayer at home /practice it with Meldrick
helpful to reflect with Luz and be encouraging by sharing the great things she’s contributing
new kids: seldon and tenzin, and visiting cousin of jorel (malika). Yvette met theirs moms and will text and follow up with them.
when emily comes back ask jasmine if we can meet up during the week once im back in town

Next saturday, sit down with john and luz after activities and reflect briefly
tristen will meet with luz before activities
Emily to text Sari and Fitri to set up home visits. If at night see if tristen or John can join
Emily to add new contacts to Coda
Emily to call the 4 new jy contacts’ parents
emily to text zidol and tenzin to invite to rejoin the group
Emily to text mom that met in the park with Melody
Yvette to ask Vince if Julian got in touch with him
Try to visit Kayley
Try invite Jasmine’s fam over
Try to have Evelyn come over for dinner in a few weeks
see if jasmine can participate a bit in summer of service and share with her about what’s happening
work on our summer of service in jackson heights and focus be on jasmine starting her JY group

to do
78/send sneak peak of cards to vince and dorri and then mail it
EMily to text moms that she met this week
Emily to add new contacts to Coda
Emily to post two new instagram posts
bring photo of the Master for next class
ask luz to come early next class (250) and Tristen and Luz to go over materials before class and agree upon which portions she can teach
Andrea and Jocelyn to lead duck duck goose next week, have them go and meet and invite new families, and have them take asal to the side a bit.
Get more side walk chalk for class
Find a time to meet Luz’s mom - tristen and emily will try and speak with her about this this weekend
Shaylene and Ava joined this week for jy
JY - tiff and Daniel don’t like to study in public. Reflect with John about why and how we can overcome this barrier. share about why we’re studying the materials and how it’s for our growth and what the purpose is, versus it’s just something like school.
service project reflections - they were happy to have an opportunity to meet new people. they had reflections on being more organized in advance.
suggestion to have a picnic in central park or astoria park
need more time to talk with jasmine about starting her own jy group
kayley is open the possibility of co-animating with jasmine
Emily to call the 4 new jy contacts’ parents
emily to text zidol and tenzin to invite to rejoin the group
can kayley help bring tiff back to group
have dinner at our place with john’s family when yvette comes back
Activities for coming weekend:
ask garrison to study the youth conference materials and the first statement with the new youth. we can start all together with the youth and jy. jasmine to join the jy too. be proactive about asking others to

Identifying protagonists
Misael (hosting devo, can help with outreach and visits, doing Book 5), John (animating; Yvette to message Evelyn and have coffee), Luz (Emily - will meet early to plan re children’s class then will join JYG; Yvette to follow up for next week), Andrea and Joselyn (Tristen and Em will develop basic CC materials for little kids and plan with them in advance for the weekend; Tris to take the lead with that the following week - can teach the kids quotes, facilitate simple games, color sheets)
Potential: Kayley (invite to stay away camp; Em to have a conversation about if she’d like to start JYG the following fall and that she could come to camp to prepare her - em will try to visit her and her mom), Jasmine (3 of us go to coffee and talk about it - ask Jasmine what other days - Yvette to ask Jasmine if she’s free on Friday afternoon), Shuchi (continue to see if she can help every now and then with children’s class - Em to possibly ask re starting ruhi again), Lorena (em to ask possibly re coffee; em to have more conversations on Saturdays with her; thinking about inviting her to Spanish speaking devo - em to think about creating a space for Spanish speaking moms); Julian (invite to drop by)
Identifying backup teachers/support: Farnoosh to help with picking up girls; CC teachers: Sepideh, Emily Sadeghian, Ariana/a bedstuy friend, Anna, tanya and Alex, Jane (also with picking up)
service project: waiting to hear back from teacher
Stuff for the weekend: em to go early with Tris to meet Luz and prep the girls; em to prep cc little kids materials; Yve to bring youth - possibly book 1 with Jasmine, but if others join youth conf materials
Emily to possibly rent Church space if it rains on Saturday
Em to follow up with Garden School re renting space

Emily to bring Misael to do outreach to meet youth and jy. Maybe bring him to do home visits with jy. Try and introduce him to Muhammad and Julian. Invite him to attend the conference in the morning.
3 girls + Lina, Tenzin, Tenzin, Nawa and Tringling, Meldrick, Beverlin, Ikor (Suzana and Violeta were the moms we got contacts for)
To do: emily to message Suzana and Violeta today.
idea of having andrea and jocelyn teach simple activities to little kids when relevant. have them help lead games and the coloring sheet more.
have them teach simple activities to little kids while tristen teaches the lesson to the older kids
Next week Yvette will reach out to Evelyn to strengthen relationship and hopefully strengthen their commitment.
Possibility: Jiaan coming once a week to help with neighborhood stuff
Can Emily invite Kayley or John to do outreach with me?
Can we tap into the Tibetan network? Yvette will look into where they live, any community centers that they have
Emily to message Tenzin and Zidol about jyg

Review of last week’s activities (9 kids, yay!)
Children’s class - 9 kids
Theme: enkindlement
Maybe rethink order of content since many kids come late - could start with coloring
harder than usual to focus compared to the church
not super focused in the park
but nice opportunity for Emily and John to plan together; also with Andrea
try one more week and reflect again
possibly rent space in Garden School - still to hear back
Expansion phase
Try and meet youth through IS230
Dates away
Tristen: 16-30 May (21 and 28 Yve and Em are here)
Emily: 9-20 May (weekend Emily is gone Tris and Yve are here); 3-14 July
Yvette: 9-20 June
review minutes from 3/7 and to action items
This weekend: do outreach before activities at 2pm more or less
Plans this week: possible outreach Thursday afternoon

connect with John
connect with jy - many of them were coming because of Cam
Alex, Zidol, Tenzin (plus Cam’s friends)
Set up a visit to 73rd street parents ( Evelyn , Jennifer ) - em to get Jennifer’s contact info
Yvette to get from `Vince Matthew’s number (done)
Yvette to get coach Alex’s number from Vince - Vince to let coach Alex know they’re leaving and we’ll be in touch (done)
rooms at church rented through to end of March - Em to talk to Robert
Em to get Tashi’s number from Dorri (done)
Dorri to share jolanque’s mom’s number - Tresa (done)
Vince to reach out to Julian and Frankie
yvette to ask Vince for Frankie’s number
Em to ask Suchi re book 3
arrange a farewell for Vince and Dorri - 26 March
dorri to give all of the park supplies
school with jy project (IS270) - vince to share re situation with Alyana - Vince to share outline with materials
emily is in touch with renaissance - will get Suzan’s email from Vince; Vince will share Brad’s email (from Garden School) (done)
Emily to continue with jy
Yvette to continue with youth (and support jy)
Tristen to continue with children’s class (Emily to accompany)
invite parents to help teach children’s class
Tuesday - Vince
Wednesday - Yvette
Thursday - Yvette
Friday - Yvette and possibly Tris
(Vince will do another day and focus on schools one morning)
Yvette to reach out to Patrik to visit in their new house
Vince to reach out to Bianca to come on Saturday
Vince to reach out to Julian again

Yvette to share with youth re expansion phase on Saturday and to get ideas/ask if they know anyone
Vince to try and connect with Cam about coming to activities

Emily to call Sami
Agenda for reflection meeting (Friday 28 Jan): what were goals for cycle, how have we done, what our experience has been

vince to try and set up visit to yessy through Kam
Emily to write Kamala and see if I can visit
Vince to try and set up a visit with Patrick’s family
emily and vince to do outreach wednesday and thursday
Vince and Dorri to reach out to Angie and check in
Emily to call Tasfia
study - study of the message?
home visits
review of goals for january
this saturday have conversation with youth about starting book 1 in youth saturday space
plan to have activities this weekend and check in closer to the time
Home visit kaylee’s family this week. try for Kamala and Yessy, and maybe Patrick’s family
aim to study book 2 refresher before our home visits
neighborhood team reflection meeting: 6-8:30pm
Goals for January:
Start a Book 1 with youth
Home visit children’s class and jy families, and engage/include youth in these visits
Study/refresh on Book 2 in preparation for visits
Getting participants familiar and coming to new space
Plans for this week:
friday, outreach to fams to set up home visits

Centenary plan
To be held in Emily and Yvette’s
Intro framing Who ‘Abdu’l-Baha was as a welcoming
Prayers, songs (ask Patrik to play music) - Dorri
Arts and fun activities - Ye are the fruits of one tree and leaves of one branch - Em
stories connected to art project (maybe story of Louis Gregory - maybe look at film) - Tris
what does it mean for our activities to express oneness, in Jackson Heights
Possibly dinner/tea and cookies - Em and Yvette

Vacation/time away
Emily away - 13 Dec - 26 Dec
Yvette away - 18 Dec - 9 Jan
Tristen away - 18 Dec - 5 Jan
Consolidation plans:
- children’s class team to meet and make consolidation plans before next meeting
- youth team to meet and make consolidation plans before next meeting
Vince’s reflections ( please delete after reading ) :
participants: Kam and Alej couldn’t come on “trip”, tif, dan, kayley , zidol came and helped
the groups carried out a kind of emergency plan : finding backup space! They arose and scoured 37th street for new space, filling out little logs ( in retrospect, printing up some tables and having binders and stuff would be useful for expansion ). Kayley might have legit id’d space.

a wider continuum of youth shows some fruit of the expansion thus far : john, Patrick, Kaz, Julie, Julian, and jasmine. Julian and Jasmine both are open to the camp. John and Julian helped to prepare for group. Julian loves group and invited friends. Jasmine displayed remarkable maturity.
Vince and Yvette reflected on enhancing study structure, to strengthen both programs. Both groups will set the tone for each other in that way.

Agenda next week
Centenary commemoration

Yvette and Vince to finalize youth for inst camp
tues: Yvette, Vince
Wed: Dorri, Vince
thurs: Dorri, Tris

Agenda 11/8
Dorri will follow up with the school she visited last week
Vince Emily Tristen to chat offline about having Patrick share a story for children’s class
We will try and move activities to 3pm for next week
Yvette and Vince will talk about how to incorporate the example of the Master into jy and youth activities
Possible institute participants: Julian, Caz, John, Niko?
Try and meet on an ad hoc/as needed basis before activities to coordinate
mon: Yvette, Emily, Vince
tues: Yvette, Emily, Vince
wed: Tristen, Dorri, Vince
thurs: Vince, Dorri
fri: Vince, Dorri

Agenda 11/1
Tristen’s devo will be on 14 November at 4pm
we will say the prayer for New York each day privately during the expansion phase
Decision: Make a youth flyer (dorri and vince)
efforts to find space:
follow up w/pulitzer, renaissance and garden about physical space (vince)
emily and vince to go to garden on tuesday in person
w/renaissance - waiting to hear back from them about finger printing. after this is done, in addition to an email we need to follow. yvette and emily can get the relevant info about finger printing with them (Suzanne)
school on 34th where we posted some of the surveys - Dorri will explore this week
will have a devotional after the neighborhood devotional for the Twin Holy days on Saturday night. Yvette and Emily will prepare the devotions. Dorri will take the lead on simple refreshments
Yvette Emily and Tristen will do outreach on Sunday, meeting at 2pm.
Tristen to look for stories of the Master to share with kids that are simpler
Yvette will talk with Vince about how to incorporate the example of the MAster into youth and jy

agenda 9/27
reflections :
cc : large children’s class, Sharlene arose and brought kids ; class was well supported ; class broke out by age group and came back together for art activity .
for next session: 2015 msg portion on programs of growth, or training institute document
for next week: update concentric circles and go through names
meet at 8pm next week

Agenda 9/20
- reflections from this weekend
- children’s support for next few weeks
- where are we with our goals for the cycle and what other actions do we need to take? and upcoming week
- Book 12 and 13
- may visiting next weekend
- go over concentric circles
team meeting 9.13
pg was great,
finally studied some quotes
“prayer”, “may your actions be beautiful prayers” , “”
they shared
ruhi if it’s just Nepali

really really lovely

MD was ready to go . . .

mapping to gm

sun 10/31 conversation prep and practice
study Book 2 U3 S9+10 about conversations with youth
thinking about building a friendship and discussions that get at the “why” /vision for service
“qualities of the heart” as a way to elevate conversation and introduce mystical/spiritual themes
exploring negative forces
thinking about pacing conversations and inviting youth to take a next step
having info sessions ready (both planned and impromptu)
selecting quotes that youth in this community will respond to (try to learn which ones are more effective)
“let your heart burn...”
“ye are the fruits...”
“the betterment of the world...”
@Emily Osvold
will make a list
invite youth/jy currently in the process to come with us
practicing language
we have some activities in the park and describing each age group
descriptions focusing on qualities and virtues and expressing them in trying to make our neighborhood a better place
asking questions about their experience growing up / in the neighborhood
inviting ideas about how to make the neighborhood better and connecting to activities the group has already been doing
inviting to join, connect on IG/ get contact info
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