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program of growth
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Emily to call Sami
Agenda for reflection meeting (Friday 28 Jan): what were goals for cycle, how have we done, what our experience has been


vince to try and set up visit to yessy through Kam
Emily to write Kamala and see if I can visit
Vince to try and set up a visit with Patrick’s family
emily and vince to do outreach wednesday and thursday
Vince and Dorri to reach out to Angie and check in
Emily to call Tasfia
study - study of the message?
home visits
review of goals for january
this saturday have conversation with youth about starting book 1 in youth saturday space
plan to have activities this weekend and check in closer to the time
Home visit kaylee’s family this week. try for Kamala and Yessy, and maybe Patrick’s family
aim to study book 2 refresher before our home visits
neighborhood team reflection meeting: 6-8:30pm

Goals for January:
Start a Book 1 with youth
Home visit children’s class and jy families, and engage/include youth in these visits
Study/refresh on Book 2 in preparation for visits
Getting participants familiar and coming to new space
Plans for this week:
friday, outreach to fams to set up home visits

Centenary plan
To be held in Emily and Yvette’s
Intro framing Who ‘Abdu’l-Baha was as a welcoming
Prayers, songs (ask Patrik to play music) - Dorri
Arts and fun activities - Ye are the fruits of one tree and leaves of one branch - Em
stories connected to art project (maybe story of Louis Gregory - maybe look at film) - Tris
what does it mean for our activities to express oneness, in Jackson Heights
Possibly dinner/tea and cookies - Em and Yvette

Vacation/time away
Emily away - 13 Dec - 26 Dec
Yvette away - 18 Dec - 9 Jan
Tristen away - 18 Dec - 5 Jan

Consolidation plans:
- children’s class team to meet and make consolidation plans before next meeting
- youth team to meet and make consolidation plans before next meeting

Vince’s reflections ( please delete after reading ) :
participants: Kam and Alej couldn’t come on “trip”, tif, dan, kayley , zidol came and helped
the groups carried out a kind of emergency plan : finding backup space! They arose and scoured 37th street for new space, filling out little logs ( in retrospect, printing up some tables and having binders and stuff would be useful for expansion ). Kayley might have legit id’d space.
a wider continuum of youth shows some fruit of the expansion thus far : john, Patrick, Kaz, Julie, Julian, and jasmine. Julian and Jasmine both are open to the camp. John and Julian helped to prepare for group. Julian loves group and invited friends. Jasmine displayed remarkable maturity.
Vince and Yvette reflected on enhancing study structure, to strengthen both programs. Both groups will set the tone for each other in that way.

Agenda next week
Centenary commemoration

Yvette and Vince to finalize youth for inst camp
tues: Yvette, Vince
Wed: Dorri, Vince
thurs: Dorri, Tris

Agenda 11/8

Dorri will follow up with the school she visited last week
Vince Emily Tristen to chat offline about having Patrick share a story for children’s class
We will try and move activities to 3pm for next week
Yvette and Vince will talk about how to incorporate the example of the Master into jy and youth activities
Possible institute participants: Julian, Caz, John, Niko?
Try and meet on an ad hoc/as needed basis before activities to coordinate
mon: Yvette, Emily, Vince
tues: Yvette, Emily, Vince
wed: Tristen, Dorri, Vince
thurs: Vince, Dorri
fri: Vince, Dorri

Agenda 11/1

Tristen’s devo will be on 14 November at 4pm
we will say the prayer for New York each day privately during the expansion phase
Decision: Make a youth flyer (dorri and vince)
efforts to find space:
follow up w/pulitzer, renaissance and garden about physical space (vince)
emily and vince to go to garden on tuesday in person
w/renaissance - waiting to hear back from them about finger printing. after this is done, in addition to an email we need to follow. yvette and emily can get the relevant info about finger printing with them (Suzanne)
school on 34th where we posted some of the surveys - Dorri will explore this week
will have a devotional after the neighborhood devotional for the Twin Holy days on Saturday night. Yvette and Emily will prepare the devotions. Dorri will take the lead on simple refreshments
Yvette Emily and Tristen will do outreach on Sunday, meeting at 2pm.
Tristen to look for stories of the Master to share with kids that are simpler
Yvette will talk with Vince about how to incorporate the example of the MAster into youth and jy

agenda 9/27
reflections :
cc : large children’s class, Sharlene arose and brought kids ; class was well supported ; class broke out by age group and came back together for art activity .
for next session: 2015 msg portion on programs of growth, or training institute document
for next week: update concentric circles and go through names
meet at 8pm next week

Agenda 9/20
- reflections from this weekend
- children’s support for next few weeks
- where are we with our goals for the cycle and what other actions do we need to take? and upcoming week
- Book 12 and 13
- may visiting next weekend
- go over concentric circles

team meeting 9.13
pg was great,
finally studied some quotes
“prayer”, “may your actions be beautiful prayers” , “”
they shared
ruhi if it’s just Nepali

really really lovely

MD was ready to go . . .

mapping to gm

sun 10/31 conversation prep and practice
study Book 2 U3 S9+10 about conversations with youth
thinking about building a friendship and discussions that get at the “why” /vision for service
“qualities of the heart” as a way to elevate conversation and introduce mystical/spiritual themes
exploring negative forces
thinking about pacing conversations and inviting youth to take a next step
having info sessions ready (both planned and impromptu)
selecting quotes that youth in this community will respond to (try to learn which ones are more effective)
“let your heart burn...”
“ye are the fruits...”
“the betterment of the world...”
@Emily Osvold
will make a list
invite youth/jy currently in the process to come with us
practicing language
we have some activities in the park and describing each age group
descriptions focusing on qualities and virtues and expressing them in trying to make our neighborhood a better place
asking questions about their experience growing up / in the neighborhood
inviting ideas about how to make the neighborhood better and connecting to activities the group has already been doing
inviting to join, connect on IG/ get contact info
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