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Recruitopia's Recruiting Platform - Talents Referral

❓ What is Recruitopia's Talent Referral?

Recruitopia's Talent Referral is a Recruiting Platform enabling hiring employers to find quality candidates through an extensive network of headhunters in Malaysia.
We believe combining technology and the old-fashioned human touch would result in a better hiring experience for all parties.
We empower businesses to recruit specialized talent faster with our virtual teams of recruiters and AI job-matching technology.

😁 What will you receive upon joining our Recruiting Platform?

Candidate Sourcing: Our recruitment specialists actively search for active and passive candidates who match your requirements.
Candidate Management: Manage candidates and track your hiring progress and pipeline without additional costs.
Pre-screening candidates: Receive unlimited candidates who are aware of your job openings.
Personalized Account Manager: Your account manager proactively supports you in connecting with and receiving resumes from recruitment specialists.

🤩 Ideal for Hiring Businesses who:

have problems finding quality candidates using job boards.
need help to fill positions but don't want to engage with technical recruitment agency services due to high costs.
have a hard time finding a trustworthy recruiter or agency that can't solve your hiring challenges.
have no candidate database.

🥵 The proposition

More than 200+ recruiters from Malaysia source and refer candidates for you based on your criteria and requirements.
The key takeaway from the proposition:
You get more relevant candidates and have less hassle in filtering out the irrelevant ones.
You enjoy at least 50% savings compared to the costs incurred via traditional headhunting.
You enjoy the headhunting level of service.
You get to tap into a much more extensive network of recruiters for talent.

🌍 How It Works

📲 Step 1: Make a 30mins - 45 min video call with our Consultant to discuss your hiring needs.
✉️ Step 2: Post your job for free on our Recruitment Platform.
📥 Step 3: Receive candidates in your list within 72 hours.
💰 Step 4: Pay 30% of your placement fees to unlock candidate profiles.
🗣️ Step 5: Interview and hire on your terms.
☑️ Step 6: Candidate completes the first day of employment.
💰 Step 7: Pay the remaining placement fees.

💵 How Much We Charge

We charge a candidate's one-month basic salary as the Placement Fee.
You are required to pay 30% of the estimated placement fee to unlock candidate contact details.
You pay the remaining fees after the candidate completes the first working day.

🤨 About Recruitopia's Recruiting Platform

Recruitopia's Talent Referral is Malaysia's first Talent Crowdsourcing Platform which connects Job Advertisers (Employers or Recruitment Agents) and Talent Referrers (Affiliates), whereby the latter would refer suitable talent to the former in exchange for a referral fee (or Placement fee).

😲 How It Started

Recruitopia was born out of Recruitopia's founder's interactions and discussions with many employers over the years about the problems and challenges they faced recruiting talent.
Fortified with a deep conviction that there has to be a much simpler, better and cost-effective way to facilitate the hiring of talent by employers everywhere than the currently available channels of recruitment, the team at Recruitopia has forged ahead with the vision of introducing greater simplicity and market-driven cost-transparency in the recruitment industry with the launch of Recruitopia - The Marketplace for Talent Referral.

🥊 Recruitopia vs Traditional Recruitment Agencies

With us, it's all about cutting costs without compromising on time and quality.
Your candidate's monthly salary: RM8,000
Our fee: RM8,000
Conventional Recruitment Agencies: Average fees range from RM14,400 to RM33,600
You save between RM6,400 and RM25,600 engaging us to source candidates for you!

❔ Employer FAQs

🤝 Terms of Business

📱 Contact Us

WhatsApp: +6011-3998 9379

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