Key Questions to design Marketing Strategy

The following 2 questions shape our projects's narrative, figure out best marketing channels and help us increase our reach.

Question #1. Ideal Customer / Buyer Profile

An (ICP), commonly referred to as an ideal buyer profile, defines the perfect customer for what Anuktha EKAM solves for.
An ICP allows us to focus on selling to targeted customers that fit our Project. If done correctly, an ICP can help define the problems we are solving for, align our product/service capabilities with customers’ needs, and assist in laying out our future road map for product/service updates and changes.
Here are some questions you might ask yourself to get to the essence of an ideal client:
Will their income support the budget for our apartment?
What brings them joy?
What are they worried about?
What challenges do they face?
What do they hope to gain from us?
What goals are they striving to attain?
What experience thrills them?
Where do they get their information?
Who do they trust most?
This is a non-exhaustive list but a great starting point when trying to identify what our ideal customer looks like. These are the qualities that a lead needs to have to be able to buy from us. If they don’t meet all of these predefined characteristics, we can disqualify them and ensure our sales reps are spending time with leads that are a good fit.

Buyer Personas

Within that ideal buyer profile, we probably work with multiple buyer personas. Various roles may be involved in the buying decision at those families. Perhaps one buyer persona is a wife and another is the Parents. Differentiating between these buyer personas will help us formulate a message that resonates with the goals and challenges they are each uniquely facing.

Question #2: Why should a person buy from Anuktha Avenues?

Features / Benefits
On-Time Delivery
Child Centricity
Senior Living
Total Cost of Ownership

Question #3: Who is the builder? (Story)
1) Total years of experience in Real estate.
2) Existing customer bank.
3) Testimonials from customers.

Question #4: Why should a buyer trust Anuktha?
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