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How much do custom neon signs cost

How you price your can ultimately determine the success of your online store. It is important to properly calculate the cost of your custom neon sign.

How much do custom neon signs cost on average?

Some of the most common questions shops receive from customers are related to price.
The cost of neon signs varies according to the size, color, complexity of the design, and the type of material used to create the lighting elements.
The basic factor that makes up the price is the sign material and the size of the sign. In terms of materials, there is a significant price difference between modern technologies such as FLEX LED and traditional hand-blown glass signs filled with neon gas.

Factors affecting the cost of custom neon signs

The final cost of neon signs will depend on several factors. Let's dig a little deeper.

Neon sign material

Since the early 1900s, neon gas has been the primary gas for creating signboard lighting. Over the past 10 years, newer technologies such as LED Flex have improved and dominated the market.

Custom neon sign size

Size is an important factor when determining the price of a neon custom sign. The bigger the neon sign, the higher the price because more materials are needed to create the sign. In addition, shipping and labor costs are also related to the size of the neon sign.
The following are some of the standard price ranges that individuals can expect:
Small neon sign: 18 x 24 inches - $270 USD to $535 USD ​Large neon signs: 3 to 5 feet - up to $1,300 USD or more When creating neon signs for clients, clearly communicating how specific designs affect the overall size of the sign is a necessary exercise. In addition, there are physical property limitations in the materials used that must be considered prior to design approval.
The cost of custom LED signs increases with the detail/complexity of the design. Just like size, the more complex the neon sign design, the more materials used and labor costs. A simple one-word design with a sans-serif font will be cheaper than a detailed and complex image even if both are the same size.
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