Custom neon signs: Design your own & stand out in style

Custom options for LED Neon Sign
Size: Width of from 12”/30cm to 80”/200cm optional, height proportional to font and line. You can also tell us the specific size you need, we will finish your design based on your size. If your is larger than 60-80 inches, we may need to split the sign into more than two lines. For example, a 'Neon Sign' sign is divided into more than two lines of text. This way, we can avoid the neon sign being damaged in transit and save you the shipping cost.
Text and Fonts: You can write your text and choose fonts from our online neon sign maker. If your text is longer than 2 lines or you want your own fonts, designs, logo images, drawings, please contact us for a quote.
Neon Color: We have 22 popular colors for your options. 12 of these are white when the neon sign is off and colored when the sign is on. The other 10 colors that come with a jacket are a cap that wraps around the tube so that even when the sign is off, it still shows its color (just not as bright).
If you want the neon light to stay the same color when turned off, you can choose from Orange, Baby Pink, Green, Dark Pink, Blue, Red, Purple, Lemon Yellow, Ice Blue, Yellow, Warm White. If you need a white jacket when the sign is off, you can choose White Orange, White Yellow, White Rose, White Blue, White Blue, Cold White, White Red. Contact us if you need RGB neon.
Dimmable: Dimmable options, ON/OFF and choose from 10 brightness settings. The LED custom neon sign can be set to blink at an adjustable speed.
Packing Style Neon Sign: Our Neon Sign is mounted on acrylic back panel. Acrylic can be Square, Cut to Letter or Cut to Shape. We also supply acrylic stands and boxes, please contact us for a quote if you need to pack the stand or box.
Acrylic packing color: Clear acrylic board color packing style, black, white, red, pink, green, yellow for options. Transparent packaging is the most popular with more than 90% of people choosing it.
Power plug: Your new LED neon light comes with a 4.9 ft transparent cord that plugs into a certified adapter; USA/CAN, UK, EU, AUS/NZ for options, if you need adapter for other country, leave a note when you place your order.
Indoor/outdoor use: Our neon sign offers a waterproof option for outdoor use.
UV Printing: Provide UV Printing service to make the sea more real and beautiful when the lights are off; Your custom neon sign will stand out more with it.
Installation: HeLenLedCo Signs is extremely easy to install. They come with pre-drilled screws and holes and can be wall mounted with screws or hooks. Hanging ropes are ideal for storefront installations or overhead installations. Hanging rope for installing neon sign, if needed, please leave us a note.

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