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Product Development Plan

Strategic phases

The development lifecycle of the Highlands Brain has four phases. Each phase depends on the success of the previous phase to be adopted. We are in the first phase.
Phase 1: Unify
Goal. Channel everything that Highlands offers onto the app so that users have a unified, seamless experience that is intuitive for our users.
Success: The application is so valuable to students and staff that they are compelled to use the platform regularly. For students, this means that all resources, data, and progress are easy to access. For staff, this means it reduces busywork, simplified workflows, and unparalleled insight.
Phase 2: Educate. The application delivers incredible, tailored, curated learning content so well that all our students complete it in record times with high satisfaction.
Phase 3: Contribute. The application maintains a precise history of all contributions that staff and students make so that they can be recognized by peers and professional prospects.
Phase 4: Talent Engine. The application connects talent and opportunity between our students, business partners, and external companies with a highly credible method, providing a superior channel for high confidence hiring.

Phase I makes three 'promises'

Promise to business side: Maximize attendance: good incentives for students and teachers, and more true positive records.
"Finally, we're successfully logging every student that attends. And, students are incentivized to come more frequently. Now our funding will really improve."
Promise to students: Access and comprehension in their new world.
"I can understand and talk with my teachers AND all my fellow students. I understand what I'm supposed to do, what other students are saying, and it's easy to get help. I feel lucky."
Promises to staff: Compliance obligations are easy. Intelligence on students.
"My busywork has been reduced by 50%. Attendance and compliance are so simple. Now, I can focus on teaching!"
“I understand each student so much better now. I can make better decisions for them and for the school.”

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