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Business Development team

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Sourcing tool:
Link for Sourcing tool 5.0:
See your conversation numbers here: (Tab name - Recruiter Stats)
How to use Sourcing tool 5.0 & Sourcing stats:
Login details:
Slack channels:
- Track is the name of our department in the company. This channel is for team wide communication.
- Primary channel for enrollment related discussion. All your daily reports, queries, team collaboration will go here
- You get updates about your enrollment. Whenever you get a successful enrollment, acknowledge it by giving a reaction like this - 😁
- If you have any tech problems, take a screenshot, make a video, ask candidates for the same and then put it in this channel. Tag
- This channel has all the interns. You get intern-wide communications here
- Everyone in the company is part of this channel. Daily you have to write "In" here, when you start working
- For all random things
Orientation link:
Everyday 2pm to 3pm

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