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Business Development team

BD Process

is to get as many
quality enrolments
in Guaranteed Job Program as you can
Overall Process
Get leads
Assess the leads to understand if they are right for the program
Pitch the program only to qualified leads
Source the candidate and invite them to orientation session
(FYI - Lead assessment, pitching, sourcing happens in a single call!)
Ensure that the candidate attends the orientation session
Enrol them on the app after orientation session
Lead assessment parameters
Communication rubric >=17 i.e.
Candidate has low mother tongue influence
Is able to construct correct sentences in English
Makes few grammatical errors only
Is able to converse in English with low hesitation
Or is better than above 4 points
Has completed college or has only final results pending
Ready to relocate to Delhi/ Bangalore/ Hyderabad and join office if they get a job
Ready with a salary between 2 to 3.5LPA
High intent for a sales job
Has less than 3 years of experience
Is of less than 28 years of age
If he/she has a job elsewhere, they should be ready to take out at least 2hrs daily for the program. They should be okay if they get ~20k salary too. Notice period should be <1 month
Check them all! Ask the right questions and cross-question them. You’ve focus first on understanding whether the candidate is fit for the program or not
Selling points
in the pitch:
You get a
job in
4 weeks
by getting the right skills and the right opportunities via us
You pay
after you get a job.
No upfront
registration fee
We have
more than 100
companies like Byju’s, PayTM, Policybazaar etc.
You get
right skills
industry trainers
with >10 years experience in sales. So that you become
person that companies want to hire
We have helped
12,000+ students
get a job in non technical roles
You will get
end to end
assistance to get
personalised training
interviews in relevant companies
, and
industry mentorship
till you
get a guaranteed job
Sales job is one of the
fastest growing
professions and many companies actively hire
even in covid
Try to include them all in your pitch (obviously, to those candidates who deserve to stay in this program)
Who is a sourced candidate:
Who has qualified the assessment
Who has verbally agreed to become a part of the program
How to source:
Enter details of the candidate in sourcing tool
Ask candidate to go to Able Jobs app using the link and check more details about the program on app
After sourcing:
Ask candidate to attend orientation session, share details of orientation session
Inform them that they will have to complete the application process after the orientation session
Follow up if you want to get more sourcings. Follow up with people who wanted some time to think or to discuss with their family. Follow up if they were not available at the time when you called. But follow up!
Orientation attendance
It is
for a candidate to attend the orientation before they get enrolled
Orientation attendance is only counted if the candidate has attended the full session
Suggest the candidates to ask all their questions in orientation
Enrollment Process
Enrollment happens on the app. We assign a premium course to all sourced candidates. This course is not assigned to any other people (only those selected for the program)
To go to the course, they can click on the link received from Able Jobs official whatsapp number (which was sent at pt. 5.b.i.)
If they are not on the right course, go to
and assign them the right course
Candidate has to enter the code mentioned at the time of orientation
Candidate has to fill the enrollment form and provide a signature
After it is done, confirmation of enrollment comes on slack so that it can be approved
Inform the candidate that their enrollment is received and they will be added in the next batch (batches start from Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday)
Ensure that all candidates who are actually interested in the program and eligible for it get enrolled, otherwise, you’re just making false promises to someone and putting their career choices in jeopardy.
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