TXA Stuff
Is there interest/need to set up a ‘permanent’ collection vs a study collection?
Are there internal grants that can be used to fund this renovation?
What are the proper channels to de-accession items to?


Who are ALL of the parties to be involved in this project?

Aims & Goals:
What are the intended outcomes of the Historic Archive?
Museum Quality Collection?
Instruction/Research Resource? (internal or both)
Do we want to have exhibitions? If so how many?
Do we ant to do "events" / host appointments? (if so how)

How munch $ is allocated to the archive?
Is it restricted?
Who is the controller?

Databasing/Digital Repository:
-possible cost (up to $350/yr)
-simple UI (idk how formattable text is)
-would work for research clusters or standing collection
Possibly limited storage
Good metadata options and tagging
Good option for research clusters
-good for a full standing collection
-museum type metadata

This survey is intended to gauge if/how faculty would like to use object based inquiry into their classes. Not only does this inject diversity into assignment potential, it by proxy creates a demonstrable use metric of the archive.

Archive Mgmnt:

Brass safety pins
Acid-free tissue paper
Acid-free archive boxes

To Do
Digitally log all items
Mark as Study or Historic holding
Begin tagging items for research clusters
Rehang all garments on proper hangers
Make proper hangers
Organization: (do we want to organize chronologically? by designer? by study cluster?)

Possible Ideas
Can there be a student assignment that focuses on researching a particular garment(s) and writing entries that get published on the archive? Possibly integrate the work with fashion history, anthro, art history, maybe grad students? Could it evven be fashioned as an internship or workstudy?
TBH collections management might be a good interest class but realistically you cant really get any archival jobs w/o a MA at minimum...

Qs Meeting w/ S3 & Stephen

ADA does the lift work (Gail's class)

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