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There also should be some sort of field to note when/what a garment has been used for: an exhibit? a class? a thesis or dissertation? and possibly link to that work.
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"The Historic Textiles and Apparel Collection [HTAC] includes more than 6,500 accessioned items from the 19th thru the 21st centuries. Garments, accessories, textiles, archival materials, fashion periodicals and patterns make up the TXA Archives. The holdings include important couture examples by notable designers such as Balenciaga, Balmain, Chanel, Thierry Mugler, John Galliano, Christian Dior, Bill Blass, Carolina Herrera and Arnold Scassi among others."
MISSION: The mission of the HTAC is to provide valuable educational resources and research opportunities for students, faculty and scholars alike. The Collection enables one to explore the significance of dress in an historical context, to view couture construction and design techniques, to study and promote conservation and preservation methods, and perhaps most importantly, to inspire those who wish to gain a better understanding of the history of textiles, apparel, and design.
If Gail continures to have the collection class, this could say that the collection is staffed and operated by the class and simply rotate out who's who in the class
Teaching & Learning w/ HTAC
With over 6500 holdings from across the globe from the early 19th century onward, the HTAC provides a variety of opportunites to facilitate interdisciplinary research, learning, and enrichment. While the HTAC's digital database provides an accessible and flexible way to engage with the collection, HTAC the following in-person and virtual options are open to UT students and faculty on an appointment/registration basis:

Archive and Collections' Management
Fall 2022
Open to:
Research Appts

HTAC welcomes individual and small group research appointments (max 5 people) for students and faculty. Appointments can be held in-person or virtually. To schedule an appointment please submit the form <here>. You are welcome to browse the digital database and request that specific items be pulled or provide a general topical interest and we will be glad to collate a few options. Please note that some artifacts may not be handleable by guests.
To prepare for you research appointment keep the following in mind for the protection of the objects:
Food and drink are prohibited in the archive areas.
Backpacks or large bags must be kept in the foyer.
Notes and documentation are encouraged; however flash photography, pens, and markers are not allowed in the archives.
Dress appropriately. Please avoid jewelry, sharp accessories, bulky clothing, or anything that may inadvertently damage objects.
Appointment time is limited so only a few objects may be viewable per session.
Instructional Support

Object-based research and learning is a great way to facilitate active engagement in the classroom especially for courses in Textiles & Apparel, Museum Studies, Fine Art, Design, and Anthropology. As an instructor, you can request a lecture for your class, schedule times for your students to access our study-collection or check-out* limited holdings from our study-collection, or book a consultation to discuss how use of the HTAC's holdings and resources can be integrated in your course. Please contact ______ at _____ for more information!
*Training is required for instructors wishing to check-out study-collection artifacts.

Designer Genealogy Project
Elements & Vocabularies:
Add custom Element for "featured in" or "events" to catalogue when pcs are looked at. Maybe this could be a separate thing bc idk if that needs to be public?
Maybe add a few ?

princess seams
global south
east asia
south america
north america
Jean Andrews

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