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Coda Sync for Unity

Coda Sync for Unity

What is Coda?
Coda is the all in one solution to build great docs for your team.
Share information, write design documents, use it as a meeting support, manage projects.
This very versatible product offer many use cases.
Coda has an interesting pricing, with an interesting free tier that covers a lot of your needs, or at least try it out. As we are a partner studio, you can benefit take advantage of an interesting offer if you want to go for pro or team licence 🔥
Please contact us for more info.
Why use it for my game ?
We advice that you take a look to their website to discover all coda can allow you.
One of the most interesting feature Coda is database: any coda document can embed multiple tables that can be used as a database for your game.
Here comes CodaSync !
Coda Sync Unity asset allows to select the tables you want to sync with your project!
Since Coda is an online tool, you can easily work with several people of your team with Coda, update and change the data, and sync them anytime with your game!
Tables can store different kind of data:
lookup (linking the entry to another table)

You can create databases for many elements in your games:
items and stores
level setup
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