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Utkrushta - Partner Guide

By helping premier educational institutes expand their customer reach, we help Bharat reach it’s $10T economy target

⭐ What is Utkrushta

We help people learn high paying skills on the job.


We help you (the institute partner) create quick 10-min gamified revision modules for the courses you teach. (see snapshots below).
Once created, our platform sends these tests to your students on a pre decided schedule via whatsapp links. Utkrushta’s AI platform keeps scores and leaderboards.
Our AI platform helps students create / edit existing resume or post to their LinkedIn profile directly
More students = more mentions on LinkedIn.
3 steps to marketplace:
Create micro-test series once with our team.
Click to convert to bharat’s 22 official languages.
Sell for repeatedly on Utkrushta’s marketplace. e.g. Imagine a digital marketing professional in Tamil Nadu uses your revision modules to brush up on their Facebook Ads Marketing skills.


Rome was not built in a day. Our product is actively under development. More awesomeness loading!





💡 What is this guide about

Your organisation is running a paid pilot with Utkrushta. Our team will work with you to create the revision modules.
We need 1 hour of your time to get started.
We will need some data from you to create the experience for the students

✅ Utkrushta needs from You

For the class selected for a paid pilot, Utkrushta will require:

1. Basic details

Class Name, duration, Instructor’s name
Registered student list (name, phone number) to send test links
please send excel sheet or PDF on whatsapp: +91 9875079650

2. Schedule of tests

When do you want students to take the tests❓daily after they go home❓every Friday after class or maybe something else.
We gamify the entire experience of taking a series of tests with points, leaderboards etc. Your students will have fun :)

3. Question bank for previous classes

please send excel sheet or PDF on whatsapp: +91 9875079650
Questions, answer key, any relevant images or links — module by module
Utkrushta will take your question bank and create an entire series out of it like the video below in references:
Advanced: After the pilot, we may create content for you e.g. shoot 1min videos with your instructors and improve the experience.

4. LMS Integration

Utkrushta will put all the test data — which student scored how many marks etc on to your Learning Management System (LMS) or any database you want. We will automate all of that. For e.g. we have integrations built for

5. Reward systems

When a student completes a test module do you want to give them rewards? e.g. 20% OFF next advanced level courses
Tell us about any reward systems you can imagine.


If you have ideas or requirements on more things Utkrushta can do to create more impact for you or improve the student experience)
Ph: +91-9023239479
Naman Muley, Founder, Utkrushta

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