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Gender-Responsive Climate Smart Agriculture
Module 4
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Power of information

How does understanding what Mamadou and Awa do and the resources they have available to them change the way you think about your project?
How would you measure the success of your project?
What tools could you use to measure success?
This slide introduces us to some other ways we can learn more about the communities where we work and the different needs and resources that men and women have.
One way to learn from a community is through focus group discussions.
Another way to learn about a community is with in-depth interviews.
Surveys are useful for collecting systematic data and can be an effective way for extension workers to understand the impact of their support. They can also be useful for farmer groups and cooperatives to keep track of their membership and the needs of their association. If they are conducted at regular intervals over time, with the same questions about inputs use, effort and yields, they can be used to measure change. But it will be important to collect data from both men and women and disaggregate that data.
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