Ways to Demonstrate Empathy in Unity Collections

How to Deal with Customers Seeking Assistance

When customers call to make a payment, they are looking for empathy and understanding. Empathy is defined as "the ability to share feelings or understand what someone else feels." You must demonstrate empathy in all of your collection's interactions with the customer.
This blog post will provide ways to show your customers empathy when they call in to try to make payments on their account balance using Unity.
Unity is a company that reinvents the way consumers think about their bills. We talk to them like they are people, not just numbers on a screen or an amount of money owed, and we make it easier for them by providing more than one option when paying back debt thanks to our omnichannel approach. Our goal in this area is to help you get out of debt to live better financially with your loved ones around!
Unity strives towards empathy first collections rather than simply looking at how much someone owes us from afar; instead, we try and understand what life has been like leading up until now before assigning payments without compassion.
This allows us flexibility since there's no sense in trying to impose strict deadlines if they don't have the money.

Have you been considering hiring a debt collection agency? If so, read on before making any decisions. Debtors will sometimes find themselves struggling to make their payments and even let the unpaid balance grow longer to avoid paying interest that they are required by law not to pay or penalties for late payment.
Accordingly, successful collectors must always be ready with empathy and understanding of this situation when speaking with them over the phone--especially if it is their first time working as an agent at a collections company." When these people have finally come around, though, there's much less resistance involved because they've already given up hope completely...
The first thing a collector must do is get their customer calm and collected. This person will need to be while also assertive in getting the money they deserve back from the debtor.
Good way collectors can make things up for themselves when there's no hope of payment; or if that situation arises, however unlikely it may seem-is by providing valuable service as well! The best ones are masters of critical thinking and fixing bad situations with an ironclad grip on salesmanship skills like empathy, negotiation tactics, etcetera (not just financial).
4 Characteristics of Successful Recovery Agents

Great Listener
Listening in collections is a competitive edge that helps identify reasons for delinquency and craft more debtor-specific solutions to help resolve these issues.
Understands How to Overcome Objections
When people are in debt, they always have excuses. The successful collector overcomes the debtor's objections by using specific and directive rebuttals.
Gets Past the Gatekeeper
Unfortunately, some debtors will use their loved ones to answer calls. These people are typically in charge of paying the bills, and there is a chance they're going to pick up! A great collector knows how best to approach these situations because you'll need them on your side if you want any hope of getting paid back for what was owed.
Closes the Deal
A collector must repeat the arrangements with a debtor to get them on board. The best way for this is to get the debtor to follow up, making things more tangible and concrete for them.
Conclusion: You're in luck. that makes sure empathy and customer service are at the center of their work, which means you don't need to worry about any rude or abrupt phone calls from Unity!
It doesn't matter if your debts stem from credit cards, medical bills, student loans- as long as it's not past the statute of limitations for collections, they will be able to help you out with all sorts of services, including negotiation on price (if applicable), sending letters/notices requesting payment and more.
There are also no upfront costs to using unity services either - so what do you have to lose?
Reach out to us, and let's get started with a unity collection!

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