A Detailed Overview of New Odoo Pricing

Recently, the latest version of
was launched on 12th October 2022 at the Odoo experience event. The latest version Odoo 16 is power packed with various essential features that could be of great help for your organization. It has become better in several operational areas such as user experience, Application performance, and operational speed.
This year, Odoo has tried to simplify its pricing structure by making it more economical and simple. People have been wondering why in the first place did Odoo changed it pricing. Let me give you a sneak peek of the same.

What is the reason behind updated price range?

The main mission of
is to offer organization with easier access to the software needed for growing their business. Their dream is to ensure that digitization reaches to everyone be it big companies or a small one with limited resources.
With every new version of Odoo, they are trying their best to make it more robust, smarter, and quicker. Not only that, it also features a handful of applications, better services, and learning materials. The only thing that was left to update was the pricing of the business suite application.

What is optimal pricing?

The term optimal pricing refers to a pricing which should line up with the value offered to the customer. Odoo was not much valuable for small companies or single owners when compared to the larger companies or organizations.
Generally, a small company is capable enough to manage its business with lesser data organization and several non-integrated applications. Whereas it is next to impossible for a large company to survive without digital optimization and seamless app integration. So, with the help of an optimal pricing strategy, you can adjust the price level according to the number of users a company has.
Well, the old pricing structure of Odoo was quite different from the present one. There were two prices like the price per user and the other one was price per application installed on the database.

What do you mean by a perfect price?

It was quite clear that the old pricing model was not an optimal one. So, they decided to simplify it. The best way they could think of simplifying the price was one price for all applications.
The only issue here was to determine the perfect price. To get the perfect price, they decided to look at their competitor’s price. With this, they got a proper idea of Odoo’s value. They started off with Microsoft Dynamics, but it turned out to futile as Odoo is much more than just an ERP system. Odoo is an all-in-one solution for various operations like CRM, Point of Sale, eCommerce, eSign, HR, etc.
While simplifying the price, they decided to opt for single pricing. But still, it didn’t turn out to be that accessible. To make it available to the companies of all sizes, they decided to quote the lowest price ever.

Odoo's new pricing plans

New pricing plans
To your surprise, now you can get your hands on Odoo applications at the price of just one app. The new pricing plans consist of various things such as unlimited support, maintenance, and cloud hosting on Odoo online. The pricing plans are divided into two parts such as standard and custom.
One App Free plan
The One App Free plan is one of the most popular options among the audiences. With this plan, users can access one app for free on a database hosted in the cloud on Odoo Online
Standard plan
If you are someone who doesn’t need any custom development, then you must opt for the standard plan. Here, you get a standard database hosted in the cloud on Odoo Online, and you can install all the Odoo apps you want.
Custom plan
The Custom plan is the perfect fit for users who wish to manage multiple companies on a single database. The users might have to customize their Odoo database with Odoo Studio, custom developments.

The prices are as follows:

One App
For one app only, unlimited users
Odoo Online
US$ 8.95 *
/ user / month
All apps
Odoo Online
US$ 13.60 *
/ user / month
All apps
Odoo Online / ** / On-premise
Odoo Studio
External API
The Standard and Custom plans include all apps for a single fee:

Website Apps

Odoo Website Builder app
Odoo eCommerce app
Odoo Blogs app
Odoo Forum app
Odoo e-learning app
Odoo Live chat app

Sales Apps

Odoo CRM app
Odoo Sales app
Odoo Point of Sale app
Odoo Subscriptions app
Odoo Rental app

Finance Apps

Odoo Accounting app
Odoo Invoicing app
Odoo Expenses app
Odoo Documents app
Odoo Sign app

Inventory & Manufacturing Apps

Odoo Inventory app
Odoo Manufacturing (MRP) app
Odoo PLM app
Odoo Purchase app
Odoo Maintenance app
Odoo Quality app

Human Resources Apps

Odoo Employees app
Odoo Recruitment app
Odoo Time Off app
Odoo Appraisals app
Odoo Referrals app
Odoo Fleet app

Marketing Apps

Odoo Marketing Automation app
Odoo Email Marketing app
Odoo SMS Marketing app
Odoo Social Marketing app
Odoo Events app
Odoo Surveys app

Services Apps

Odoo Project app
Odoo Timesheet app
Odoo Field Service app
Odoo Helpdesk app
Odoo Planning app
Odoo Appointments app

Productivity Apps

Odoo Discuss app
Odoo Approvals app
Odoo IoT app
Odoo VoIP app

Customization Tool

Odoo Studio app
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