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Organizing Note Material Across The Fretboard - Pentatonic 2-string shapes

One sure-fire way to break out of the standard 5 pentatonic boxes and stop playing them up and down is to instead organize your visualization in three 2-string shapes that keep repeating all over the fretboard, dubbed “The shoe”, “The core” and the “tower”. Many of our standard blues and rock licks are built around those 2-string fragments which offer different bending opportunities as well.
Advantage: when seeing the fretboard like this, you should be immediately able to move one phrase/lick to another area of the fretboard, since these shapes correspond directly to the intervals.
Note that you want to train both your “minor vision” and “major vision” on these!

The same shape work of course as well in major! Here we have the same shapes in “major view”, with a very common friend - the “BB King Box”!

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