PM Growth Framework
Development Plan

Ideas for Dev Plan

Here you can find ideas how to craft your skills. Remember, you can learn not only by taking paid trainings!
Daily work - using your skills and strengths in everyday work, e.g. new tasks, higher responsibility, more independent tasks
Additional projects - individual or team learning projects combined with feedback from a mentor
Coaching and mentoring - gaining knowledge by working with a mentor or coach, e.g. periodic meetings focused on exchanging knowledge
Shadowing - joining important meetings, observing and shadowing the actions of experts
Discussions - taking part in public (forums, FB group, internet communities) or companies discussions
Internal knowledge sharing - knowledge sharing between people in you company
Training, courses - (paid) attending to trainings / programs focused on particular skill
Self-learning - expanding knowledge on your own, after work, e.g. through books, blogs, podcasts, newsletters
Teaching others - e.g. becoming a mentor, organizing workshops, conducting presentations

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