PM Growth Framework
PM Growth Framework

How to use framework?

1. Define your principles
2. Collect the feedback
3. Define your career vision
4. Evaluate your competencies against current role
Assess yourself against each of the competencies. Use the competencies to identify your strengths and understand gaps. You can do this quickly by rating yourself “On Track”, “Over Performing”, or “Needs Focus” on each of the competencies.
Generally, you should have 2-3 competencies rated “Over Performing”, 2-3 competencies rated “Needs Focus”, and the rest “On Track”.
5. Choose Areas for develeopment in Focus Backlog
In Focus Backlog you can see all “Over Performing” and “Needs Focus” areas. Choose 2-3 “Areas of Development” for the next development plan. Don’t focus only on your competency gaps, your strangth is also something what you should develop.
6. Preapere Development plan

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