PM Growth Framework

Competency model

Product Delivery
Delivering solutions in cooperation with the team
Feature specification - the ability to define and specify solutions
Execution - effective execution of the implementation until launching
Product quality - the quality of delivered solutions
Product Discovery
Discovering product opportunities and validating solutions. Who are our users and what do they need? What opportunities we should explore? What we should build?
Problem Discovery - discovering the needs of users and clients
Solution Design & Discovery - designing the right solutions
Solution Validation - solutions validation
Product Optimization
Optimization of the solution after launch (feature / product)
Product analytics - the ability of data collecting and analysis for product decision-making
Feedback management - collecting feedback from product’s users/clients and turning it into insights and optimization
Feature adoption & optimisation - optimization of existing product features
Product Growth
Accelerating product growth and monetization
Acquisition - new users/clients acquisition
Retention - keeping the product users/clients
Monetization - product pricing and monetization
Product Leadership
Ability to influence people
Stakeholder Management - product stakeholder management
Managing up - the ability to cooperate with a supervisor or ‘higher’ manager in the company
Team Leadership - team-leading competences
Product Strategy
Defining and achieving business goals (outcomes) and managing their impact on the overall company strategy
Product Vision - creating a high-level vision of the product with its positioning on the market
Goals and Roadmaps - the ability to transform product vision into a realistic plan using a roadmap and product goals
Business Outcomes - the ability to achieve relevant business outcomes and their impact on the overall company’s strategy

This competency model is based on my experience and mainly . Bellow you can find all inspirations.
Other models & inspirations
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