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Pitch Book: Public Relations OS

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A simple, effective method for organizing your PR efforts
Why I created Pitch Book
I've spent a lot of time through the years working in public relations — first at others' agencies, then through my and now managing communications for my own ventures.
As a solo PR strategist, I often found myself wishing for a simple, affordable option to keep my media lists, outreach funnels and clips organized. Most existing PR software was expensive, clunky and full of features that simply weren’t very useful for someone operating at my scale.
Enter Pitch Book — a simple, cost-effective tool designed to streamline your PR workflow, not complicate it. I built this tool on Coda for myself and am now offering it to the public in the hope that it can help other small agencies and solo practitioners find some zen.
You can use Pitch Book to do the following:
Keep a record of your
Keep media , and organized
Create outreach
Draft media at scale and customize them before sending
Track the resulting .

Best of all, since Pitch Book is built on Coda, you can extend, integrate and customize it to your heart’s content.
How to get your copy
Similar tools cost as much as $25 or more per month. I’m making Pitch Book available for a one-time fee of $25, because I want to help other people avoid the same frustrations I faced when trying to untangle my own workflow.
Please take a moment to explore this document and, when you’re ready to snag a copy for yourself, use the payment form below. Your copy of Pitch Book will be emailed to the address you provide at checkout.
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