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Chromatic scale

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In this lesson, we are going to learn the first song to play using the previous topics that have been covered so far.

Contents of the lesson Song description Compositional analysis Sheet music “Unity” References
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Song description

This song will be based on the last few lessons we have learned and by using similar concepts to play it gracefully. This will include ideas from the chromatic scale and a sense of harmony, rhythm and finally chords.

Compositional analysis

This song is in the key of E major. The reason why we are using E major is so that we can make use of the open string note combinations in order to play this melody. As we already know, melody and rhythm go hand in hand, playing this in perfect quarter note timing is of utmost importance to make it sound graceful. Notes of the E major scale have been used primarily on just the first, second and third string to keep it simple, yet melodic. Note that looking at the notes in a linear manner will help with the memorisation of the melody as well as the note plotting faster. Towards the end of the song we will be playing a succession of chromatic notes in order to create a bit of tension and then finally resolving to the E major chord for a good sense of resolution.
The same ideas have often been used in a lot of different genres and songs across the length of time to create melodies and hooks that have lasted decades. Bands and artists from backgrounds ranging from punk rock to heavy metal to pop have all used similar ideas extensively to create hooks and choruses.
Now, enjoy your first song !

Sheet music

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 8.30.15 PM.png


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