Beginner Primer Guitar course
Learning notes on strings - part 1

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Tick Tick

Here is a fun song “Tick Tick” in the major scale played in a melodic pattern. the notes are then grouped together and played as chords.

Content of lesson
Song description
Compositional analysis
Sheet music
Tick Tick playthrough
Tick Tick backing track

Song description

The song is a wonderful example of recurring melodic patterns played rhythmically, which portrays a clock ticking. The notes in the melodic pattern are then combined and played together as chords. Make sure to listen to the song playthrough and play it with confidence on the backing track.

Compositional analysis

The song is in the key of G major, played on 4/4 time signature in a steady rhythmic pattern, with 8th notes.
From the 5th measure the same notes are played together to form chords, hence you see the notes written one below the other parallelly, that is played on beat.

Sheet music

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 6.29.24 PM.png
Tick Tick Playthrough

Tick Tick Backing track
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