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Speed mechanism

Here is a fun exercise that will help in developing our right hand skill to play fast. For all the guitarists whose dream is to play fast, it starts with this exercise.

Content of the lesson
Lesson description
Exercise 1
Speed Mechanism - playthrough
Speed Mechanism - Backing track
Exercise 2

Lesson description

This lesson is directed towards developing speed on your right hand skill.
The key to this exercise memorising the exercise, practicing it slowly at first and concentrating on your right hand movement.
Exercise is played using 16th notes i.e. half of 8th notes - hence we have 4 notes been played on each beat.
An easy way to understand or count 16th notes is by counting it as - 1-e-&-a ; 2-e-&-a ; 3-e-&-a ; 4-e-&-a

Instructions to perform this exercise

Step 1: This exercise is performed using alternate picking on a single string, play the downbeat with a down stroke and the upbeat with an upstroke (the symbols are given above the first 4 notes- the first symbol is a down stroke and the second symbol is an up stroke).
Step 2: Memorise the exercise, and perform the exercise on a metronome. Begin on 80 beats per minute (BPM).
Step 3: Once you get comfortable with the speed you are playing in, increase the metronome by 2 units and continue playing the exercise. push yourself 2 units faster and then slow back down.
By slowing back down you are focusing and improving on your accuracy.
When you reach your top speed slow back down to 50 BPM and repeat step 3

As you increase your speed of playing or playing moderately fast at 90 BPM or 120 BPM or so, you can get away with extra movement of the pick. but when playing at 140 BPM and above, there is no time for wasted movement.Thus, practicing slow and concentrating on making the picking motion as small as possible, eliminates any extra movement of the pick.
If you have trouble playing in time on a metronome, yet can play fast without it, you have developed speed but lack rhythmic control. In that case the only solution is to constantly practice on a metronome, until you can play at top speed in time with the beat.

Concentrate on:
Making only small up and down movement with the pick.
Following the instructions above for using a metronome
Exercise 1
Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 8.09.11 PM.png
Speed mechanism - Playthrough
Speed mechanism - backing track
Exercise 2
Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 9.38.55 PM.png

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