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Parts of the guitar

In this lesson we will learn about the parts of the guitar and how to hold the guitar and the names of the strings.

Contents of the lesson
Parts of the guitar
Names of the strings
Right hand technique
Left hand technique
Tips to keep in mind
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Parts of the Guitar

There are three main types of guitars, the steel-string acoustic which as the name suggests has steel strings and produces a particular kind of tone, Nylon string or Classical guitar’s have a more warmer tone due to the timber of the nylon strings. Electric guitar is a versatile instrument with which you can produce different tones and timbers from your guitar but also uses steel string.
Acoustic guitar
Electric guitar

Identify the parts of the guitar
Write down the names of the parts of the guitar in the picture given below:

Names of the strings

The six strings of a guitar are numbered from first to sixth starting on the thinnest string and counting up to the thickest string. The strings also have letter names that correspond to each string. You will notice as you play the strings from thinnest to thickest the pitch or sound gets lower as the thickness of the string increases. Memorise the names of your strings.
You can use acronyms for the names of the strings to help you remember the names of the strings. As shown
in the picture below..

Proper Right Hand Technique

Hold the pick between your thumb and first finger.The thumb and pick should form a 90 degree angle.The pick should be sticking out from underneath the thumb a ¼ to ½ of an inch.
Your fingers should be spaced out evenly. Notice how the middle two fingers are coming staring on to the fretboard. Your first and fourth fingers are curved slightly toward the frets.

Proper Left Hand Technique

Bracing your hand gives your hand the needed stability to accurately switch between strings.Although there are many different ways to brace, placing your pinky on the soundboard, right below the first string is the most common way. You don’t need to press hard.

Hold your thumb on the back of the fingerboard on the upper side of the neck.Be careful not to put your thumb on top of the neck. Your wrist should be low with some air space between your palm and the neck of the guitar.

Tips To Keep In Mind

In order to have a good posture while playing the guitar, these tips should be kept in mind.
1. Make sure it's close to your body and not leaning forward like that or sliding down.
2.You can keep a footstool to help with your posture.
3. Try to not hold the pic too tightly .
4. Sit on a chair with no armrests while practicing .


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