Beginner Primer Guitar course
Introduction to chords

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In this lesson we are going to learn a song using seventh chord shapes and broken chords.

Contents of the lesson
Song description
Compositional analysis
Sheet music “Once”
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Song description

In this lesson we are going to further explore scale notes and ways of using chords in a way that they sound more like a melodic tool than a rhythmic tool. We will also explore a bit of broken chord strumming in this song.

Compositional analysis

In this lesson we will be playing a song that uses a broken playing pattern over chords which is very commonly used in popular music as well as rock and alternative genres. The broken patterns will be playing over seventh chords to spice up the sounds of the basic major and minor triads and add to the melody a sense of flow. This kind of playing style is an excellent way to familiarise yourself with the strings and the right hand picking pattern which often plays in multiple directions in order to be economic. To get more speed and fluency into it you should focus on getting a proper down and up pattern for your right hand because that will make it a lot easier to approach this kind of a song in the future. Last but not least the song ends with a Major seventh chord. Notice how this chord voicing is slightly different from the normal major or minor voicing providing a wider soundscape and a dreamy nature of resolution.
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Sheet music
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