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Learning notes on strings - part 1

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Ode to joy

In this lesson we learn yet another familiar classic tune “Ode to joy” composed by German composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. The tune was then adopted as an anthem for the European Union in 1972. This lesson relating to the previous lessons will make our sight reading better and visualizing the notes on the first, second and third string more solid.

Content of the lesson
Song description
Compositional analysis
Sheet music

Song Description

The song was adopted by Ludwig Van Beethoven in this ninth and last symphony, from a poem written by a German poet, Fredrick Schiller.
here in this piece from the symphony, we introduce a new concept - doted notes, which we will be learning more in detail, in the up coming modules.

Compositional analysis

The song is in the key of G major, on 4/4 time signature. the songs ascending and descending flow of notes gives it a narrative. the 4th measure and 8th measure consists of a note called doted notes - adds one half of whatever note its added to. In the example given below a dote is added to a quarter note i.e. 1 note per beat, dot (+1/2), which makes the count of the doted quarter note 1+1/2. The doted notes in the 4th and 8th measure gives the song a solid conclusion to end the phrase after the ascending and descending flow of notes.

Sheet music

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 6.34.40 PM.png


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