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Left Hand Scale Form Warm Up Exercise

In this lesson we learn how to improve the accuracy, flexibility and dexterity on the left hand, while play alternate picking with the right. this exercise helps us build movement on the fretboard. It is also an amazing warm up exercise for your fingers and the mind to visualise the fretboard.

Content of the lesson :
Lesson description
Exercise tablature
left hand warm up exercise PDF.

Lesson description :

The exercise focuses on building Flexibility on the fretboard. It is important to practice this exercise slow. This exercise also helps us visualise the fretboard through the whole neck and visualise the notes of the scale in a pattern, which makes it easier to learn and remember.
The scale we are playing is in the Key of G major. The exercise we are performing is played on 5/4 time signature i.e. 5 beats in a measure.
The exercise is played in three different octaves of the scale i.e. all three are in different pitch.
Keep your thumb behind the neck for enhanced stretching and follow alternate picking even when you switch between strings.

Exercise Tablature :

This is the pattern followed in all the 3 octaves
Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 9.39.19 PM.png
Tablature with all 3 octaves:
Left hand warm up.pdf
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