Beginner Primer Guitar course
Learning notes on strings - part 1

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Jingle Bells

In this lesson we learn a very familiar and famous melody ‘Jingle bells’ which is played using the notes of the first and second string that we learnt in the previous lesson.

Content of the lesson
song description
Compositional analysis
sheet music

Song description

The exercises in the previous lesson helped in reading the notes on the first and second string. This song further demonstrates how the notes are laid out rhythmically in order to play the melody “Jingle Bells”.

Compositional analysis

The song is played in the key of C major in a steady 4/4 time signature as a type of jingle.
In addition to the lesson, 8th notes are introduced i.e. half of a quarter note.
At the end of the eight bar we see a repeat symbol indicating us to repeat the phrase from the beginning.
The second time we repeat the song remember to change to the second phrase in order to conclude the song.

Sheet music

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 6.34.17 PM.png


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