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Hand co-ordination

In this lesson we are going to do some left hand finger coordination exercises to help build our dexterity and coordination for our left hand fingers.

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Importance of left hand exercises

It is very important to have good coordination between your fingers on the fretboard while playing, to be able to achieve that we need to do exercise to build our left hand finger coordination, dexterity and finger strength , hence these finger coordination exercise are one of the fundamental skill you need to have to able to play the instrument fluently.

Spider exercises

The spider is a cross string picking exercise that is designed to develop dexterity in both hands.Start out slow, real slow and play through each exercise a couple of times until it feels comfortable. Once you can play the exercises slowly without faltering try playing along with a metronome. Again begin real slowly and gradually increase the tempo of the metronome.Pay attention to the quality of the exercise. Make sure all the notes sound clean and clear. Apply alternate picking technique with your right hand (down, up, down, up).Relax the muscles in your fingers, wrists, hands, arm and shoulders just enough to reduce strain and prevent any injuries. It’s also of great importance if you want to perform the exercise to its best potential.

Spider exercises 1 - Tempo 50 - 120 Bpm
Spider exercise 2 - Tempo 60 - 120 Bpm
Spider exercise 3 - Tempo 60 - 120 Bpm

String skipping exercises
These are nothing but a variation of the spider exercises that you have been doing till in this case we are going to add some string skipping patterns to it. Try to start slow and understand the patterns then try to do them with the metronome.
String skipping exercise 1

String skipping exercise 2

String skipping exercise 3

Tips to keep on mind

Start slow, keep increasing 5 bpm and move up the metronome
Once you reach your highest speed come back to where you started from and loop.
Focus on the clarity of each note
Be sure that there is no excess string noise while playing these exercise
Focus on you left hand to build your finger strength and coordination
Try to come up with more exercises like these by yourself


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