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First song

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In this lesson, we will learn a song based on the major scale. This will be similar to the song we have previously learned, only this time we will try and add some accompanying bass notes to make it sound more interesting.

Contents of the lesson
Song description
Compositional analysis
Sheet music “Calm”
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Song description

This song will be based on our recent lessons about the major scale and the plotting of notes of the major scale on a single string. This song will use some bass notes as well as open string notes in order to make the melody last more gracefully.

Compositional analysis

This song is in the key of E major. The notes of the E major scale have been used on the third string in order to create a moving melody line with some constant open notes grouped together. In addition, we will learn how adding some bass notes along with the melody line can bring so much more on the table. Harmonically speaking, we are using introducing intervals of 3rds when we play the bass notes in addition to the melody line and that is what is creating a warm essence in the overall sound. Note : your primary focus will be to learn the melody first and then once you are familiar with it, try adding the bass notes and see the difference for yourself !
Do check the reference section for some famous song ideas based on the E major scale and get inspired!

Sheet music

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 8.13.58 PM.png
Now , here is the same song with the bass notes.


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