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Paradigmatic is a podcast for those curious about the interplay between technology, policy, and the human stories behind them.
Paradigmatic asks a broad range of questions, such as: What can the Obamacare rollout teach us about software architecture for large-scale public initiatives? What does the increasing presence of generative AI mean for data privacy? How is facial recognition technology being used in public surveillance, and what does this mean for civil liberties?
This podcast is for those who seek to understand not only the 'how' and the 'why' of the technology around us, but also the broader ripple effects these innovations have on society. Join us for thought-provoking discussions at the nexus where technology and society meet.

Link to pilot episode:

About Monadical

We're a full-stack software consultancy operating out of Montreal, NYC, and Medellin. We started in 2016 with two-cofounders and have built up a diverse team of programmers from around the globe. We have always valued curiosity and transparency in our work and are now setting our sights on the world of content creation.


influence of technology on policy-making and vice versa
impacts of technology on society
the role (or lack) of regulation on emerging tech
how non-profits and NGOs use tech to advance their missions
how governments can use tech for good (or no-good)

Target Audience

tech enthusiasts
business leaders in tech
general public interested in technology and policy

Guest Profiles

maintainers of open source projects that are being used by NGOs or non-profits
company founders working with government bodies and/or who have experience navigating policy
decision makers at large public-serving organizations e.g Code for America

Format and Structure

Length: ~45 min
Frequency: 1 episode / week
Format: question and answer interviews, conversational


Host: Max McCrea, Co-founder, Monadical
Producer: Andy Tran, Senior Software Engineer, Monadical
Creative Director: Elliot K. Goldman, Senior Creative Strategist, Monadical

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